yes, its true..for any doubts check out the iphone advertisement on tv..the iphone is the most anticipated gadget to hit indioan markets..when the iphone 3G was officially launched,the ppl in india nd all over the world went ballistic hearin its price tag..199 bucks for a 8gig iphone..i even conviced my dad to get me one soon after its indian launch..(tats a really tough job U know..he accepted only after heraing the price).. i was eagerly waitin for the day of launch..but my anxiety was shortlived seein the price tag set by the so called distributors..bharthi airtel nd vodafone.. 31,000rs..YUP..31,000 goddamn rupees..dunno for wat heck is it sold thrice the american price wen some get it imported personally for some 10,000rs..if the demand is high nd if import is a huge amount,the value is tend to go down..rt? oh no..not for this one, it has increased to three folds now..THE MOST STUNNING HANDHELD GADGET IS SO NEAR,YET SO FAR.. 🙁 man, the very thought of it makes me angry..its a HUGE disappointment for me nd a lotta ppl like me..holdin one like that in hand in tat meagre price tag with no cpmpromise wit the quality ll be a dream come true..but thanks to the official distributors in india,its still a dream..hope they do somethin bout tat,else more ppl ll import themselves or switch to the grey market.. hmmm..i tot ot cutttin my nails real short, but guess it can wait… 🙁 😉

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