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My hindi is not so good..actually very bad..then why did i watch 3 idiots?? its all because of Chetan Bhagat. I’m a big fan of his five point someone and when i heard this movie was inspired from tat, i made up my mind to watch it..a movie made of a book generally is close to crap..except for the lord of the rings series n other few..but this movie never disappointed and was better than the story in a few places..but with a hell lotta changes..everything was perfect from the opening till the end..i thought how ll it be to see aamir as a college student..but then being a perfectionist, he found the answer..cast everyone who looked older than him.. 😉 even kareena..(she looks a lot older than aamir) his introduction scene was hilarious and he held tat charisma till the end..apart from the 3 idiots, the character ‘silencer’ deserves a special mention..he was great..the whole movie was a laughter riot.. u cant stop laughin..tat too the teacher’s day scene and the scene in climax where two of em throw the keys at the same time..i cant spill out the suspense.. 😉 the way they showed raju s family as in a black and white movie added up to the already good camera work..give me some sunshine song was awesome.. ( i didn understand the other songs 😉 still music was good)  overall a great movie..worth the watch..they say the one who laughs last didn understand the joke..tat happened to me a few times..still i laughed my *** off..shows how good the movie is..to say in a single line, ALL IZZ WELL..

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  1. Its not ALL IZZ WELL… its AAL IZZ WELL… Well ur blog left out the details .. would excuse u since u dont know hindi… few words changed to make a hell a lot of difference in that teachers day speech..

  2. AAL IZZ WELL……..!!!!!! It’s really workin:),Aamir has done a g8 job,tht too de scene whr raju n farhan get their offer letter n payin thanks to “Wangdo!”… tears jus rolled out…..!!!
    It has proved tht “”A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”
    FRIENDS always ROCK…!!!

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