Gap at the end of the universe!

Now that I commute to work these days, I find this gap a lot. This dynamic empty space that is created either by the movement of the object from the point or an over sized object trying to fit in the limited space. By the latter, I mean a Mitsubishi Outlander trying to get into a space where a Nano has to squeeze in (and extra points if the Outlander has only one person, as big as a mini bus to carry one person. ONE PERSON). I mean, come on man! I could have easily gone in there. That’s what commuting is today. Filling the gap in the road from starting point to destination. That’s how I see a typical commuter today. There is this obsession to fill in the gap. Why? That’s how you show your domination. I’ve seen the stares through the helmet after denying me the chance to fill the gap. That’s the look you see in Discovery Channel when one animal wins a fight. In this fight though, the prize is to get stuck in the same traffic just a little closer to the signal than before. And everyone seems to be in a hurry as if it’s the end of the world, the ground is falling apart behind them and the only way to survive is to move forward whatever it takes. But to my eyes, the more you want to fill the gap, the more crazier you are. The crazy scale starts with ten points for “I want to beat that guy who is near to the gap when I’m 10m away” and probably kazillion points for “there is a gap which can fit one bi-cycle between two fast moving container trucks and I’m going to fit my bike though it”. Maybe it doesn’t end there, I hope it does. But that’s the craziest I’ve seen. I can’t get my mind into a situation where I’m in such a hurry that I’ll do something like that. I’ve heard some old phrase which says “It’s better to be Late Mr, than to be Mr. Late”, I’d say it’s better to be a little late than to not reach at all. Right?
If one person’s anger can lead to a war, then forget water, traffic would be lead to world war 3.
More money = can buy more water. The problem is solved.
But more money = more vehicles = more traffic = more chaos = more anger = you fill the rest yourself.

Grow Up!

There is this huge conception where being a kid is considered being immature. We hear, “You’re not a kid anymore” all the time (at least I do). But they never tell you the exact point of switch over. When do you go from being a kid to suddenly be an adult. What do you do then? Is it an option and what if I don’t want to take that option? Why can’t I be a kid and still be mature? What does maturity has anything to do with being a kid? I look around and I see a lot of so called adults behaving in a way they shouldn’t be (mind you, I’ll not mention the word kiddish here). What qualifies you as an adult? If it’s about maturity, being all grumpy, and serious faced, I’d rather choose playing in the rain, kicking around rocks and innocence. We’re stuck in a world where most of us want to be kids and are forced to be adults losing our innocence in the process. Why? Because being a kid is not acceptable by the society. I don’t see the point. I don’t understand the reason behind “hey grow up, you’re not a kid anymore”. I also hear people say “Wish I was a kid again”, and I think “What’s stopping them?” We all have that kid in ourselves, some of us know it, some don’t. A few have gotten to a level of losing it and tend to find it back at a really old age when they couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t think anything is stopping us from smiling, from being able to admire silly things with gleaming eyes, from holding on to that little bit of innocence left in us.
The people I consider best friends are the ones with whom I behave like a kid and not feel weird about it. The times I feel innocent happiness are when I do things I’ve always loved doing since I was a kid. I believe in genuinely smiling at people, I believe in looking at things the way they are and I believe being a grown up is seriously overrated. If I fall, I want to be able to stand up, rub it off and continue doing what I was doing. Like a kid. I want to look at the world like a kid in an amusement park. The upcoming Calvin and Hobbes documentary summed it up perfectly for me. Calvin is the kid we all wanted to be. Bill Watterson summed up an entire life’s lesson in those comics. The smart, silly, misinterpreted genius is what we all want to be. At least I do.

Some say, it makes the world go around!

There’s this thing

The ones who found it,say its the best in their life
The ones who are looking for it, say its their destiny to find one in their life
The ones who found it in the wrong place, say its the biggest mistake of their life
The ones who succeed, say its the best thing to have happened in their life

The ones who are super lazy, say nevermind, I’m not interested now
The ones who are hyper active, say last month or now?
The ones who are overly attached, say I have to know what she’s doing now
The ones who are really bored, say I’m looking for a breakup now

The ones who go only to movies, say corner seats for me
The ones who go in bikes, say I don’t want my parents to see me
The ones who are always on the phone, say my balance is low, please top up for me
The ones who are looking at other people, say I have to let you go, you’re not the one for me

The ones who just found it, say they’re the best ever
The ones who just lost it, say they’re the stupidest ever.
The ones who share hearts, say they’re made for each other.
The ones who don’t, say they just don’t wanna see each other.

A pessimist would says its nowhere
An optmist would say its everywhere
A realist might say its out there somewhere
What do I say? I don’t know! I mean, really. I don’t know. Its not that i’m confused about it and say I don’t know. I really don’t know. Rocket science is easy.

I can kinda figure out what is love but what on earth is true love? (Mummy promise?) and divine love? (God promise?). If love isn’t materialistic, then what is love at first sight? If love doesn’t care of color, then why on earth do we have so many fairness products? If love cares only of the heart, then why is the global race to lose weight and look slim and attractive? If every love is true,then why all the breakups? Have we gotten to a level that we fall in love with every attractive person of opposite sex (think animals)? Haven’t we given a thought that handsome guy might be a psychopath and that hot girl wearing black might have been a guy in the past?  I’m not being paranoid but how can one find someone to spend their whole life with just based on looks and a few phone calls is really beyond me. Love shouldn’t be about sticking on to someone just because you decided too early and you can’t back out. It shouldn’t be a decision you regret after a certain point in your life. If you ask me, choosing love is like choosing your best friends, its not a one day thing, it develops over years and it goes without saying. And the ones who use friendship as a trial run for love,show some class people.

Disclaimer: This is just about love between a boy and a girl who might or might not eventually marry each other. General love isn’t very complicated.

TL;DR Blah Blah Blah

Whatever doesn’t kill you, keeps you alive!

What if someone gives you an escape route if you can kill someone, who would you kill? Many people would say different answers, mostly personal and maybe a few for the world good ( yeah, I get it you wanna be a hero who saves the world, you wanna be famous, selfish jerk ). I have a list which keeps changing with time. My question is, what will it take to answer the first question with your name.
I mean, why would someone want to kill themselves ( if any of you who are reading this have killed yourself, please drop your answers in the comments and the best answer will be handsomely rewarded ). I mean, really? I see you screwed up somewhere but which calculation lead to death as an answer? Death is the eventual answer for everyone at some point but it derives itself, you don’t have to be a smartass to derive it early. you won’t be there to show it off. What is the ultimate screw up that make people kill themselves? Different answers here too, nothing of which would be irreversible. If you get stuck inside a box under water, wouldn’t it be fun to try and get out instead of just giving up, isn’t that the whole point of life? trying not to die?
When I talk about stupidity and suicide, I talk of healthy stupid people and not those poor terminally ill ones whose less painful option is death. Peace be with those people. Back to our stupid guys, do you know how much it’d hurt when you die? ( yes, you know now. Yes, I know its a stupid question to ask you ) Rationally I couldn’t think of one painless way to kill oneself. Its not instant either. What if the second you realise you’re gonna die and you don’t want to die? Would you want your last thought to be regret? And it sure isn’t pretty to look at. If you’ve done something you’re shameful and feel like killing yourself, why do it in the first place? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that. I know life isn’t fair and all that crap. Its the same for all of us. You don’t take revenge on that by killing yourself, you do it by living ( cheesy, I know ).
Its your life and you have every right over it. If you are suicidal, do this now. Hit yourself hard where it hurts the most. It might hurt ten times more when you die or it might not hurt at all but know this, it will hurt a million times more for the ones who love you EVERY SINGLE DAY. GROW UP.