Oh my god! Thats a miracle!! (ya, right!)

Last week i had the opportunity to watch an Amway salesperson in the act of convincing my dad to become one. Two minutes into his speech, i walked out of the room. Man, the extent they go to persuade people to take up Amway reminded me of the Godmen (?), the so called godmen trying to convince foolish people that they are god. Listening to his rant, i’m sure the thought of “this seems to be a great business” would cross everybody’s mind. I mean, these people are that good and yes, the answer is NO, it is not as good as it sounds. I’m not against Amway or any product for that matter but i’m against people forcing the lesser known into a hole for their own benefit. Just think for a second why do they want you to take up a job when they are so good at it. (less competition right?) Well, the universal truth is that they get paid for convincing you and they get even more from the money you make of it.

The funny thing is, the guy had a story of why he took up this business. Looks like his kid was suffering from ashtma and no doctor could cure it. A pill from Amway representative made him normal and the doctors were in awe seeing the amazing power of amway. Is this even legal? for someone who hasn’t practised medicine or pharma to sell drugs, aren’t they supposed to be prescribed by a doctor? forgive my ignorance but i just don’t see it. Thank god, he didn’t convince the doctor to give up medicine and sell amway. And the worse was yet to come. :O he brought my caste (no idea why) into the picture and told we (looks like he belonged to the same..oh, now i know why) have good skill at this and we have the capability to sell products and make easy money and to convince people. I was wondering if i had the skill to convince him to get out of my house ( really, these guys get in your head ). First he was a doctor, now he is a psycologist..ah , give me a break! After an hours talk, my dad didn’t wanna take up amway as a career step ahead 😛 ( smart man, i know 🙂 ) So much for his convincing ability that runs in the caste. ( 😀 lol)

Now, i understand why Madan said he wouldn’t step into an apartment as it was infested with amway reps. They are coming to get you!!

It doesn’t get any better than this. It would be better if it did :P

I watched endhiran last weekend. To be honest, I was one of those who were not convinced that they can do good CG in tamil movies even when a big graphics studio was involved. I thought it would be a regular Rajinikanth movie with hero fighting the robot in the climax bare handed and win like it always happens. However things weren’t as I expected. It was a fight between man and machine in a way Indian audience had never seen before. Rajinikanth and underplay are two different worlds but he proved he can  be a complete director’s actor and deliver a brilliant performance (unlike few lame actors who just wanna do bigger than life character in every movie even when the audience laugh at those)

The movie is nothing like any other regular tamil movie. There are no punch dialogs for the hero, no colour shirts and awkward scenes. It’s a great looking, technically sound movie. The comedians delivered what was expected of them and the hero delivered his best performance which is mind blowing for a man of his age. When baba came and didn’t do well in BO, people said its time for him to quit. After seeing this, I can say I want him to do few more movies which are logical and closer to real life. We should not waste the actor in rajinikanth.

The CG didn’t disappoint and was better than expectations (at least mine which was very low) coming to Shankar, man he is good. He has delivered a totally Indian movie which is totally cooler than any other Indian movie in terms of style and technology. the dialogs by sujatha (wonder why didn they add ‘late’ to his name in the credits..maybe because he is still alive with us through his works) which were written by him before his death  are too good at a few places (will layman be able to understand ‘ip address’ and stuff ?? )..

With the cheers and whistles, I had a feeling like I was in Chennai the whole time the movie was playing 😉 that’s rajini for you..the rajini brand has transcended state boundaries this time. Hope they make good use of it.


august is a special month.

holds true for me atleast..its the month of friendship day,independence day and ofcourse my birthday which i share with two of my best friends preethi and madan. facebook tells me one of my friend is celebrating b’day almost everyday of the month.
nothing much happening around me to blog bout. everyday seems the same with the hope that tomorrow ll be better 😉 i initially started this blog to review movies and music and i’ve strayed long away from it. this month had its ups and ups as far as my life is concerned, having lotta free time for myself lately..bday celebrations were not the usual as always as few of my friends have started working..but i can say this time it was special in its own way..went out with frens for two movies in a single day ( three of em couldn’t make it though 🙁 if they’d come it would have been great ), slept over at madan’s place and the day was loads of fun..we had planned for somethin like for almost a year now and it didn work out for some reason.. it became a joke between me and my fren..i told my fren “finally, our plan worked mate” and the reply was ” we didn plan mate, thats why it worked” 🙂 maybe thats right. all thanks to madan to have “planned” the wonderful day!!
madarasapattinam was the second movie i watched that day..i don see much movies and tamil movies are always on the back seat with the line of crappy movies they come out with, but things are changing now..we don have those cliche movie formulas anymore with the exception on vijay movies ( cliche is the word tailor made for him 😉 ) but madarasapattinam was rather good..better than what i expected..we were thinkin how to spend the evening and inception evening show was on the cards(i really wanna watch it again), sadly Raki cinemas didn share our like to see the movie which led to madarasapattinam..not the usual freedom struggle theme we would expect from the movie based on that era..a love story which is no different than the earlier ones but still good..a must watch in theatres!! i don understand one thing when i see the movies based on the pre independence era..we see lotta INDIAN policemen beating up our own people just because the english officers order them to. with all due respect, were they that desperate for money and security or were they just happy under whatever shit that came and ruled us?? they had the guns, what was the problem with just turning around and shoot?? i didn live that time and i mean no disrespect!!
oh and the first movie i watched that day, Aisha..just two words.. sonam and amritha puri!! most guys ll agree with me in this.. 🙂


Every great movie consists of three parts or acts. The first part is “the trailer”. The director gives you a glimpse of the movie in the trailer and let you to discuss your own versions but probably you wont be right.The second act is “The experience”. The director takes you for a ride in his world, its just an ordinary set of scenes, but when put together takes you out of your world.. now, you ll be looking for flaws, its not human to accept every movie as a great one..but in inception, you won’t find it, because you are not really lookin it as a movie. you are experiencing it, you are living in Nolan’s world. that brings us to the third part, ” the feeling”. the feeling you get after the movie is over. it gets stuck in your head and makes you think of what happened, you try to dissect the movie but you have to understand it first and when you do, you’ll just have one thing to say, “the movie is magic and Christopher Nolan is ‘The Magician’..”
Taking a dialog from his own movie to appreciate him is the best i can do for my favourite director. I watched the movie last night and i still cant get over it. it ll take a few days i guess. this is nolan at his best. i wanted to watch it since the release date was announced. my experience was like the background score from the dark knight when joker tells about his scars..the music starts slow, grows, grows and peaks at the end. i read most of the reviews before the release and it grew on me that i wanted to watch it so bad, and i wasn’t disappointed to the least. i loved it. the cast was just perfect. joseph gordon levitt was ‘perfectly adequate’,ellen page was as usual the ‘intelligent’ and marion cottilard was gorgeous. leo is getting better and better..
the place where eames say “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” tells you that its a dream and you’ll get the stuff you want by just dreaming for it. its not hard to identify between dreams and reality in the movie but if you lose track, you’ll be just wondering “whose dream is it anyway? “..going into the details ll just spoil the fun of watching it..just gotta take in the movie with an open mind and you ll have a lot to think bout for a few days after watching it..i surely wanna watch it again soon..a movie that makes us think, is always a good one..here, nolan has just planted an idea inside the audience and it ll take a while to shake it off..
Don’t ever say i wanna live the dream. It should be more like i wanna dream but live in the reality. 🙂