Do we REALLY have to understand?

There are a few things in everyone’s life that we had thought of it one way as a kid but it had a whole different thing attached to it which we didn’t realise for a long long time. My question is that, what do we do when we realise or a bigger question is, do we really have to realise?

there is this movie called evil dead which was released when i was in class 3 or 4, not a kid, horror movies aren’t the ones we will be allowed to watch day in day out.. there were rumours going around that anyone who is ready to watch the movie all alone in the theatre will be awarded quite a sum of and my friends used to discuss a lot on it the more we talked, the more we felt it was true and it was a big deal for anyone to watch the movie even at home..if i remember right, i was the one who claimed to watch it at home and told them the whole story while i hadn’t even seen the posters..i had narrated the whole story of the movie to them and even now i can recollect a few scenes in my head of how the hero kills the ghost and i maintained the story for a long time ( wow, i was good 😛 )..and how is this relevant to the question? i haven’t seen evil dead till now.. and the few times it was shown on tv, i didn’t wanna watch it..not because it looks scary ( read its more of a comedy than an actual horror ) but because i don’t want that story, MY story off my head..evil dead to me, is always the story i told my friends that reminds me of those days which brings me back to the same question.. do we really have to understand the world, how it is and lose the precious childhood memories we have?

looking around the bus in my everyday commute to work, i can almost say “i see dead people”.. even the ones listening to music look lifeless, i mean not even humming the song or smiling when your favourite song in on and involuntarily increasing the volume? really?? is life that bad when we feel grow up? i know there are different priorities and goals now but still you are you and what you were when you were a kid..

honestly,i don’t wanna get stuck into that routine life of nothing-to-do-ness apart from work..yes, we do grown up things but where are the things we enjoyed as a kid, like playing in the mud puddle, enjoying the rain.. this is the reason i don’t wanna realise the truth behind the stupid beliefs i had as a kid and this is why evil dead will always be MY story to me!!


Ps. This is the first time i’m googling for evil dead poster or anything related to the movie 😛

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