free·will – adjective
made or done freely or of one’s own accord; voluntary: a freewill contribution to a political fund.
of or pertaining to the metaphysical doctrine of the freedom of the will: the freewill controversy.

Everytime it rains overnight it gets me thinking what would have happened if they had made a guy ( i mean, human ) responsible for it. Imagine this, someone calling you and telling you have enough water to fill 3cm of the area and you have to pour it slowly all day, would you do it? me, i would just pour it in one go and go do other work 😛 think about it..its not about questioning the nature but its just that i get irritated when it pours slowly for the whole day and you can’t go anywhere because of that.

Imagine us being activated by a scheduler to work, eat and sleep, it will be our worst nightmare! SO, i came to a conclusion that no human can go on and on and on about one thing until i saw people cribbing in facebook ( i know not again right?, bear with me)..when something bad happens to us, every bad thing ever happened since your childhood comes up and haunts you. reason? freewill! you are letting your thoughts control you, your life, your mind and your facebook wall. How would you stop this? freewill again! get a grip on your social life and your virtual life and remember no one is ready to buy your heartbreak, so please dont sell it online! most people just “window shop” when it comes to this. Think about it!

Ps. Its my freewill to post anything here and yours to let me if you didn’t like this.

Psst.. i am the admin, so i get to delete any comment 😛

2 thoughts on “Freewill!

  1. Good one again.. Rare topic but again ended up with facebook.. lol
    Yea free will is supposed to be freely available to all.. But they seem like too stingy to use them.. Its always that free will is in mind and heart takes over that and blinds them

  2. Good one dude.. why you are so much against facebook, i know ppl make use of it bit more than necessary, but come on its just one more social website.

    About that rain and pouring it once, i’m damn sure you wil do that.

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