Share it. Like it. Forget it.

How many likes for rarest pictures of some hot celebrity’s crap?

Click Share if you want the lazy arse government to help a poor lady who is struggling on the streets.

Can we get 1,00,00,kazillion likes before end of the month?

The term associated with this act is “attention whoring” or so I’ve heard. I’m sure most of you have seen all this atleast once in your life in form or other on the internet. The quality of some guy’s photo is based on how many “likes” it fetches on Facebook. On Reddit, its another story, reposts, posting old comments, posting youtube comments, showing off skin for some karma points. I don’t understand why is a imaginary point thingy or a click has become a big deal. I know people on my facebook who like every comment posted to their status and the ones who thank you just for liking the stuff they have shared. Some even feel proud that they have got so many likes on their photo. Do people really take Facebook that seriously that they think a like translates into a real world appreciation? ( Yes, I knew a guy who thought if you grow a big enough farm in Farmville, you will get a real farm somewhere as a reward but still ) If likes translate into real life appreciation, then is the other way true too? The closest I think of that in real life is doing stupid things or stripping off in public just for other people to see you and like you, sounds stupid doesnt it?

I like attention towards myself ( Not all the time though, for obvious reasons ). When I do something good, I always expect a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a treat or something like that. I like it when I’m appreciated in person for anything. A pat in the back or a smile to your face means way more than some random clicks on a mouse.

We can be heroes, Just for one day!

I’ve seen loads of movies and the protagonist or the male lead ( I thought of it and I couldn’t get my mind around calling a guy who is unemployed at late 20’s, living off his parents’ money whose only job is to roam around in bikes, get drunk and woo the girl and eventually marry her, as a “hero”, he’s just a male lead IMO ) is shown to do some amazing things in the span of three hours maximum. Super heroes aside, normal guys are shown doing some amazing things. Its always a normal next door guy character who does it mostly, I wonder if he can do it, why cant I? It got me thinking, which essentially means, in the last few days, all the times I blacked out from a on going conversation with anyone, I was thinking of this and yes, I found out the reason. Background music!

I mean, think about it. It makes perfect sense. Imagine you get a BGM in your head everytime you wanted to do something good. You get a romantic song when you see someone attractive, you get a inspirational music in your head when you are set to do something, a song or a bit of music that knows what you are going to do and multiplies the feeling, you ‘ll do it just for the heck of it. A whole stadium shouting your name when you are on the field, now you see what a home advantage is for a match, why Sachin plays well on the field, BGM, in this case, the sound of the crowd ( yeah, talent is there but you need a push right? )

If you’ve noticed properly, BGM is more of a cue to what you have to do next. Imagine, how easy it would be that when you see something and turn and a music plays on the back of your head telling you what is expected ( heroic/romantic/runaway/smile ). How easy the decision making will be and ..and..the feel good factor when you hear a music when you achieved something. Feels like heaven, isn’t it? Andy Dufresne once said we all have music in our heart and we don’t need a music player. He had one thing in mind in Shawshank and all he needed was one single piece of music to push him. In real life, I have to face too many situations and I have too many different kinds of music in my head, by the time I choose what I want to play in my head, the feeling would have crossed the border. Oh, evolution, why didn’t you get this thing wired into humans?

Ps. I was listening to the abridged version of “The Thieving Magpie from The Clockwork Orange soundtrack” in loop while writing this. A feel good factor when the music peaked when I finished typing.

Another rant. Man, I should really think of something good to write soon.

This blog has been a place where I talk my thoughts out loud, where I give a form to my thoughts. Started off as a blog to review movies and music and it took shape with me writing about my perspective of life. I write about things around me, about me to the things I talk with myself. I’ve opened up my thoughts here, maybe its time I speak about my inner most secrets, the things I don’t tell other people in real life. Maybe, I’ll write a post with those stuff, maybe I’ll write them in this post. Yeah, right! Like I’m telling the internet of the things I keep secret, I’m not a 12 year old on facebook!

Off late I’ve been ranting a lot in the blog. The last two months, I’ve had all the time in the world to do anything but I haven’t done anything significant, things I can be proud of. Yeah, I saw two love stories end up at happily ever after ( which is becoming more of a rarity these days, can’t blame anyone specific). This two months, the question I’ve been asking myself a lot was “What am I doing with my life?”. When I get a question and don’t know the answer, I always look at other people. Its not that I’ll find answers in them, its just that, you know, well, I don’t wanna speak about it ( to each his own ). But really, what do I wanna do with my life? Its a huge list. Am I doing it? No. Am I giving reasons to myself? Hell yes. Why? That’s what I’m looking for ( turns and watches other people and they all nod to me. You too? Awkward silence ).

I’ve taken a life changing decision to move away from Facebook. ( Why am I running out of words here? It generally doesn’t happen to me 😛 ) Oh, yeah, suddenly Facebook felt stupid and I’ve moved on. I didn’t deactivate my account, I don’t want people thinking I’m dead but I’ve decided I won’t use Facebook for anything except self promotion, just like the most people using Facebook. But then, I’d have to use Facebook often, need to find ways to blow up my simple so called achievements into huge proportions and make myself look like a great guy on Facebook and forcing my opinion on other people. Nah, I’d rather stay away from all that sharing and stupidity.

Ps. If you’d found this link from my Facebook page, well then, you know how this is.

Stick No Bills!

This idea struck me when I was watching the late George Carlin’s routine about bumper stickers. It was well thought out like each of his stand-ups and got me thinking, is this the same case in Indian roads? That’s when I started observing and this is a rant of what I’ve seen so far. Its more of my own thoughts when I see a sticker on a vehicle. For certain reasons I’m leaving out the owner names and god references stuck on vehicles. No making fun of it (lips sealed)

The biggest thing I <insert angry feeling here> was the “Don’t kiss me” stuck on the tail light of the bikes. I mean,how could you do that? the minute I saw the bike, I wanted to kiss it and take it on a date that night! Don’t do this man!! 😛 Seriously, when did bumping into another vehicle become kiss? If thats what the owner thinks and if the bike is compared to a human being, then is the bumping bike really kissing the..yeah, the same thing what you think. Yuck!

There was an Apache with “my mom’s gift” stuck on the sides. I stopped near it and looked at the bike. It made me instantly happy how clean the bike was manitained and I felt a bit of a respect towards the biker. Everytime I see a bike with “dad’s gift” or “mom’s gift” stuck on it, the first thing that strikes my mind is that, the owner isn’t earning enough to buy himself the bike or he’s earning and still his parents have bought him the gift with their money and he’s proud to show it off with the sticker, either way, he should maintain the bike with care atleast if he understands what the sticker says ( him, his and he’s because I’ve never seen this on a bike driver by a girl, maybe I should observe more, I meant the bike). If the same bike looked ill maintained inspite of being new and everything, I’d have surely thought “Shame on you Mr.Owner, you’ve let a random stranger on the streets down” ( not that I matter in anyway but still..)

I’ve read a story about a lion being brought up with sheeps. It was around sheeps for so long that it thought itself as one of them and never quite got to the fact that it was a lion even after being left in the jungle. This exact story crossed my mind when I saw a guy on a pulsar 150 with a sticker “220” on its sides. If this thing really works, I’m buying myself one.

..forgot to remember a few stickers with spelling errors that gave a whole other meaning. More to follow sometime soon, afterall, all it takes is a look around!

Keeping myself occupied with things like these makes traffic more interesting. Hope life throws more humor around me to keep me entertained.