Dr. Anbumani ramadoss, the health minister has made a rule orderin the citizens not to smoke in public places..wonder wat is the right thing to ban next..
ah, mobiles..not in public places,surely not in colleges ( in schools its ok cuz children aren’t matured enuf thr..)..but ‘m suggestin it in marriages nd other family functions..
its true..hav U noticed wat our marriages hav become these days??( i’m not sayin in any other aspect, just in this..) our marriages were like family reunions,long time no see dialogs, playin cards (tat stopped a few marriages too..never mind), feeling sorry for the groom or bride,sometimes jealous of em too.. 😉 ..but today how is it..every1 starts surroundin the stage wit their camers or mainly camera mobiles,push the photographer aside nd start taking pictures..(never mind if its good or bad)..the photographer surely ll get angry, but got no right to say anythin,so continues his job..come on guys, r we goin thr to show our inner photographer to evry1..i don think so..if ya,then better go in as a professional photographer,atleast the amount to be paid to him ll be spared.. (ppl who r to blame for tis r the mobile phone companies..providin cam mobiles for wat..2500bucks.. Ur pict taken by it ll look like Ur relative or neighbour or some1 U cant even recognise..) wat r U gonna do wit the picts..anyways we ll be gettin the picts from em few days later..rt? wats the point in disturbin some guy’s work while U can sit back,relax nd enjoy the kind suggestion is..enjoy the moment nd leave it to a pro..for the inner photographer in U..take a hike in the woods or better take Ur family for a weekend trip..surely U ll enjoy tat..but make sure U take the rt turn..cuz U don want a saroja in Ur trip.. 😉

one thing, i saw a guy smokin from inside his car recently nd let the smoke it an offence cuz he let the smoke outside on road or is it legal cuz he s smokin inside his car which is his private property???

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