Some say, it makes the world go around!

There’s this thing

The ones who found it,say its the best in their life
The ones who are looking for it, say its their destiny to find one in their life
The ones who found it in the wrong place, say its the biggest mistake of their life
The ones who succeed, say its the best thing to have happened in their life

The ones who are super lazy, say nevermind, I’m not interested now
The ones who are hyper active, say last month or now?
The ones who are overly attached, say I have to know what she’s doing now
The ones who are really bored, say I’m looking for a breakup now

The ones who go only to movies, say corner seats for me
The ones who go in bikes, say I don’t want my parents to see me
The ones who are always on the phone, say my balance is low, please top up for me
The ones who are looking at other people, say I have to let you go, you’re not the one for me

The ones who just found it, say they’re the best ever
The ones who just lost it, say they’re the stupidest ever.
The ones who share hearts, say they’re made for each other.
The ones who don’t, say they just don’t wanna see each other.

A pessimist would says its nowhere
An optmist would say its everywhere
A realist might say its out there somewhere
What do I say? I don’t know! I mean, really. I don’t know. Its not that i’m confused about it and say I don’t know. I really don’t know. Rocket science is easy.

I can kinda figure out what is love but what on earth is true love? (Mummy promise?) and divine love? (God promise?). If love isn’t materialistic, then what is love at first sight? If love doesn’t care of color, then why on earth do we have so many fairness products? If love cares only of the heart, then why is the global race to lose weight and look slim and attractive? If every love is true,then why all the breakups? Have we gotten to a level that we fall in love with every attractive person of opposite sex (think animals)? Haven’t we given a thought that handsome guy might be a psychopath and that hot girl wearing black might have been a guy in the past?  I’m not being paranoid but how can one find someone to spend their whole life with just based on looks and a few phone calls is really beyond me. Love shouldn’t be about sticking on to someone just because you decided too early and you can’t back out. It shouldn’t be a decision you regret after a certain point in your life. If you ask me, choosing love is like choosing your best friends, its not a one day thing, it develops over years and it goes without saying. And the ones who use friendship as a trial run for love,show some class people.

Disclaimer: This is just about love between a boy and a girl who might or might not eventually marry each other. General love isn’t very complicated.

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February 6, 2013 at 2:15 pm

If love isn’t materialistic, then what is love at first sight?
Believe it or not, your eyes know better about what you’d like than your ‘heart’. Of course, the word that goes around is that love isn’t materialistic but its about finding someone, with whom you can be truly open and not have a care in the world. How will that work if you feel not-so-good, looking at the person. It is about looks, but only during the first few glances.

You might argue that you are indeed open at all times. Deep down you know that you aren’t your ‘original self’, and that you don’t do the same stuff you used to do while you were young. Being with a partner gives you an opportunity to unwind yourself and ‘make yourself at home’, and gives them an opportunity to do the same.

If love doesn’t care of color, then why on earth do we have so many fairness products? If love cares only of the heart, then why is the global race to lose weight and look slim and attractive?

The job of marketing is to make people buy stuff they don’t need. That said, presentation is everything. You can’t make a good impression on anyone looking like a hobo. A few hundred years ago, we probably didn’t have toothpaste. Its sort of like a way of showing – I can take care of myself. Not in a sparkly, flamboyant way of course.

People lose weight and try to look better for various reasons – some do it for the reason you say they do, some to better themselves, and some to benefit from the peace that it gives. When you’re pushing 100kgs off of your chest, you don’t exactly worry about other shit.

Every love is obviously, not true. It just feels that way because during that part of your life, nothing seems more important. In fact, when you grow old, and look back at your conquests, you’d feel silly for having taken the whole thing so seriously.

Its in our DNA to get our hump on. That doesn’t warrant ‘forcey fun-time’.

Choosing love is exactly like choosing your best friend. But just 100 times more so.
After all of this, you’re just looking for a person who is “your kind of crazy”.

    May 20, 2013 at 3:12 pm


    Sorry about the way delayed reply. I hadn’t logged in for months. This was one of the most interesting replies I had read on my post. Thanks.

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