yeah!! we won!! the championship is coming home..what a match it was..first it was the big question that will sachin play or not, then it was the big ceremony ( frankly, i didn like anything in it except the performance by the mozart of madras A.R.Rahman..bips looked awful πŸ™ ) the match was interesting no doubt bout it..all the tension, excitement and flashes of genius in dhoni’s captaincy as usual..only flaw (dunno how to put it) was when sachin didn walk out when the umpire didn show him out even when he knew he had hit the ball (?) the replays were clear that it was out..all this fades into pale insignifance in the light of the fact that Chennai won the title and they deserved it..YEAH!! i was on cloud nine watchin the victory..the trophy was like fallin into the hands of mumbai indians but the wicket of keiron pollard made sure the trophy had our names written all over it.. πŸ™‚ but the presentation ceremony made me feel like crap!! i mean, what the hell were they trying to do?? modi comes in and reads a shitty i didn do anything kinda letter and no representatives for chennai in the presentation party..if this was worse, Mr shastri was readin the names and awards like he was paying homage..that was ipl finals boss, not some funeral place!! yeah, ur sachin (who played through the pain of the stitches and who did everthing to ensure his team wins..even faking his wicket) didn,all should cut a sorry face and not congratulate the winners eh?? where is the bloody sportsmanship?? the crowd just leftΒ  after the last ball..who came up with the big idea of hosting the finals in mumbai?? least next time the finals should be hosted by a neutral venue.. to top it all up, the news channels showed modi s firing as a main news and the victory as a marquee underneath it..they showed some group stage matches so big and the finals gets this kinda treatment?? go to hell mates..we don’t need bollywood stars and fancy shit to popularize our team..WE ARE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS AND WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

I’ve just got one question for all of em..if sachin had won yesterday, wud he and his team have got the same treatment??? the answer is a two letter word starting with a N and ending with O..obvious!!

Just like that!

I always wanted to see the beach on a night time..was telling my frens bout it never happened until 2 days back. i was talking to my friend madan bout going to beach to see the new “good looking” marina..the next day i got a message from him..beach polama da?? how can i say no to him, i wanted to see the beach too..we started in my bike by evenin 530, him driving ( the first time someone else drove my gladiator for a long distance )..i have driven more than 900 kms and still my first service is pending.. πŸ™ the day turned out to beΒ  with events to remember for a long time..the first was walkin in the beach at was kaanum pongal, a local festival when every one will rush to the beach for reasons they themselves dunno πŸ˜‰ i celebrated it their way this time, it was great except for the rush, searched around for why people come to marina so much that particular day, to me it was the same old sand, breeze and couples sitting so close u could hardly notice two people if not for their dress.. when ll they learn bout “privacy and public place”?? then was the dinner at Rathna Cafe, madan gave too much hype bout the sambhar idly there which the hotel really lived upto..everyone should try eating there once..then it was the 1000km mark in my bike ( the run in is over..yay πŸ˜€ ) which accompanied the first time i paid money to a traffic was some street before a left..we took it to avoid signal..there was no sign board, only when we entered we noticed a traffic cop standing at the end ( the road was hardly 100 m long ) he got a glimpse of my purse when i took out my driver’s prizes for guessing his next dialog πŸ˜‰ purse la evlo iruku??Β  cliche..i had few 10rs notes which he took without counting πŸ™ ..wasn’t traffic cops meant to maintain traffic rules?? its like now they wait for people to break rules so that they can get money..why cant he stand in the entry to the road and tell us to take some other turn?? ( nice job guys ) Chennai’s finest.. and for god’s sake keep the sign boards a big bigger and visible.. better add a light to the boards for visibility in the dark..there are lotta lights wasted on movie hoardings..can use that πŸ˜‰ only a suggestion..blaming and talking doesn’t really solve anything..will the real government please stand up??

Ps.. We went to a place near beach buy books for him for this semester, not a drive like a headless chicken..all this happened just like that!

engineering times – the chaos theory!

never even in my neighbours’ wildest dreams i would’ve thought or anyone would’ve thought this kinda situation ll happen..the war in srilanka affecting the colleges in tamilnadu..chaos theory perhaps.. πŸ˜‰ but this ain’t no chaos..we all got one week break from colleges and the better part of it is there are no college work to do too.. πŸ˜‰ ( this happened all of a sudden so there was no time for the staff to give us work to keep us occupied..thank god.. πŸ™‚ ) y is this break..ppl say its a measure of precaution..a guy set himself ablaze seeing his fellow tamilians’ suffering in srilanka..( i wont say one more
word bout this..) so, govt don want any more of such happenings..they decide to declare holiday or shud i say ordered holiday to all the colleges in tamilnadu..good move πŸ˜‰ we get lotta holidays..its always fun as a student..the only thing bad bout tis is tat the hostelers were asked to vacate immediately..come on, how ll they even get or afford tickets to their home town in such short notice..ya.its always happy for them to go home..but its just the beginning of the month..most of em wont be havin money even for tickets..well, i don think the ppl on top care bout it..or i shud say i dunno wats happening..and coming to this semester..already we had a hell lotta holidays and now this added to it..heard our semesters were to be delayed than usual..this ll add to tat..all these holidays ll lead to one thing..semesters gettin delayed or the portions wont be completed..anyways it only affects us students in the long run..its bout time ppl do somethin bout all these
issues..not to mention the war situation..

engineering times- the beginning..well, kinda..


i ve been writing bout lotta different topics in my blog nd its difficult for me to differentiate between the topics, not to mention the from now, i ve decided to put all my posts bout my college life under the name ENGINEERING TIMES..
my college conducted an exhibition ( not those national level kinda stuff..i ll be honest πŸ˜‰ ) its for the students from nearby schools..well, we were given a topic for which we had to build a model, the topics looked scary nd i thought it might be somethin huge..but turned out to be the same thing nd various versions of one single was the day b4 the exhibit nd my project was still on paper..i ll never blame it on my team mates, one of em said we stop it nd the other..i was busy wit loota other stuff ( some team na.. πŸ˜‰ ),well..we all were lazy nd the thing it was for school children nd many topics were repeated made us feel was the day b4 nd i wanted to bunk classes the next day..i didn wanna go outta coll, so i enrolled myself in one of the batches who took the pain of doin the project..the exhibit day started usually nd ya, i was a few mins late too..all of our dept students were alotted one hall to show our nd my pal went around the hall at the beginnin to see wat others did..then, as time went we wanted to kill time, so we started askin explanations from pal had a small list of ppl we need to tease..few gals were in tat list too πŸ˜‰ we worked our way through wit gal was talkin too much..she talked more like a word fight with vengence than explainin the project..we chose to ignore her nd went on..thr was one gal whom we asked next, she almost started cryin wen we asked few questions bout the project (yeah, bout the project only.. πŸ˜‰ )..she didn even switch it on..she cant be blamed cuz it had the stuff she hadn’t studied in her engg course..she s yet to learn it..( some topic college gave..sigh )well, tats how it works..we soon found out tat most of em had only used IR ( infra red sensors..electronics ppl πŸ˜‰ ) for their pro nd most have bought it from shops ( our first question from then was how much they spent on it..few were really good at buyin stuff cheap πŸ˜‰ )..some engineeers eh..well,tats how the syllabus is.. we enjoyed our time nd troubled few like this..the day ended fine nd rumours flew tat the same was to continue the next day too πŸ™‚ ..but sadly nothin happened nd we had to sit in our places the whole day nd heed ourselves to 8 hours of theory..all the blah blah.. πŸ™