Share it. Like it. Forget it.

How many likes for rarest pictures of some hot celebrity’s crap?

Click Share if you want the lazy arse government to help a poor lady who is struggling on the streets.

Can we get 1,00,00,kazillion likes before end of the month?

The term associated with this act is “attention whoring” or so I’ve heard. I’m sure most of you have seen all this atleast once in your life in form or other on the internet. The quality of some guy’s photo is based on how many “likes” it fetches on Facebook. On Reddit, its another story, reposts, posting old comments, posting youtube comments, showing off skin for some karma points. I don’t understand why is a imaginary point thingy or a click has become a big deal. I know people on my facebook who like every comment posted to their status and the ones who thank you just for liking the stuff they have shared. Some even feel proud that they have got so many likes on their photo. Do people really take Facebook that seriously that they think a like translates into a real world appreciation? ( Yes, I knew a guy who thought if you grow a big enough farm in Farmville, you will get a real farm somewhere as a reward but still ) If likes translate into real life appreciation, then is the other way true too? The closest I think of that in real life is doing stupid things or stripping off in public just for other people to see you and like you, sounds stupid doesnt it?

I like attention towards myself ( Not all the time though, for obvious reasons ). When I do something good, I always expect a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a treat or something like that. I like it when I’m appreciated in person for anything. A pat in the back or a smile to your face means way more than some random clicks on a mouse.

Is that all we got?

I was one of the few people who came to the internet fairly late in their life. It was only around my college time my parents bought me a PC and internet was somewhere around 2nd year of college. Before that, there was a time when I used to rely on newspapers and magazines for in-depth analysis of any news ( TV news is not the same as they start repeating the same and most TV channels were biased like the Congress News Network or the other Tamil channels which had the party branding all over it ). Then came the internet and with it came latest news at your desktop as and when it happens. Tech blogs, video blogs, live coverage, and what not. It wasn’t the latest stuff or the inside the war zone tweets by journalists made me move online for all my news, it wasn’t even half of what i wanted. I read online news for a single huge reason, “comments”.

If you see me browsing, I spend more time in the comments than the actual post. Yeah, I read the post and everything but the true value lies in the comments. This is what I love about tech blogs, you read an article about a certain new development or a new company Microsoft is planning to sue for patent infringement, there is a whole another level of discussion going on about it. You can find out the past of it and also from people on either sides of the wall. Yes,there are trolls, a huge load of them. So much, that they can start a country of their own on the internet which was a bit, um..stupid but still the comment threads were always informative, sometimes more than the actual post! Reddit has a brilliant way to reduce trolling with the up-voting system and user pushed content which are relevant to the discussion. Why am I speaking about this? ( I don’t really know, I just thought its been long and a new post is due for a while now ) well, I see all this content driven discussions and I see the most favorite discussion forum for Indian youth, “Facebook” and what do i see?

Youre cute………………can i be ur frend?
Dei you dunno anything, vijay is mass!!
Thala rocks!!~!!!!!!!!!
ver nice photo!!
rarest picture of hero/heroine/cricketer/myarse
pls share this if you love your dad/mom/puppy/nextdoorneighbour/country/lover/ex-lover/future-lover/myarse
Pics of girls drinking/smoking and comments on how much girls are spoilt and why they suck!..

and the language used is just WOW.. I always wonder how a guy/girl who can swear this good in their comments go wrong with their grammar πŸ˜› ( I don’t say my grammar is top drawer stuff but I had better grammar in class ten than what they have now ) The only sites I see more comments are “” and um,this other site where um..oh, no, this news site where.. oh, never mind. I see comments only if there is a picture of a celebrity or a girl! ( when a major newspapers’ top news is about bollywood cleavage and Sunny’s first look in Jism ( TOI today ), you can’t really expect much of people reading it #facepalm )

I know there is a place called real life where people “talk” to each other about things. But is it too much to ask the online community of India to be more than just a troll? I mean, how bad is it gonna make you feel if you type some honest opinions and participate in healthy discussions which not just clears your mind but also helps others who read it if they have the same doubt? The present situation is the same as elections, where the so called “well-educated” stay at home and enjoy the leave while others vote for the party they had liked from their childhood for the party principles which the party themselves have forgotten for years now! Is that all we got? The status of a troll?

Note: If you know a site where there are healthy discussion of anything Indian, feel free to post it in the comments.

Reactions to your status. YOU wouldn’t wanna read it!

Like it or not, facebook has become a integral part of our lives. Lotta people check facebook more than their mail..its changed our lives so much..for me, facebook is divided into different stages with one dominating time killer at any point of time like farmville and mafia wars ( people still play that? ), UNO, and other stuff..only two things were consistent since the beginning ( not the privacy settings, enough talk bout that ) a few friends of mine who start a whole conversation in the comments section and YOU.

“You” is not directed towards one single person. When i wrote this post, lots of you came across my mind. If you are one of those who put up everything from eating to the other end of the process as a status, then you refers to, well YOU!

This post is more like my first reactions to a lot of cliche statuses i see on my wall, the kinda of reactions i dont post as a comment ( deserves though ), not because i’m a really nice guy but just that i don’t want any more notifications than i already have.

somebody likes “children without parents”..the first time i saw that i was like “freak, what is there to like in that” and then it turns out to be some app in facebook where you show to the world how kind you are by giving like to it and supporting it.

photo albums..ok, you did this cool thing or took a great picture and you want to upload it to fb..fine, put the best ones or a few good ones or a couple of nice ones but please for god’s sake not everything! once i opened an album which said 5 pics uploaded 3 mins ago and before i could finish the five, there were a hundred more..who has the time to see all the pics? share it thru picassa or any photo sharing online thingy or please mail it to people. facebook is not a photo sharing site! which brings me to the other thing, your friend uploads a beautiful album ( this is me not being sarcastic ) and you like it a lot..what i suggest the best to do is to like the album and not each and every pic in it..i mean, don’t we have enough notifications already?

the thing that irritates me the most is when you put up a status and you “like” it.Β  isn’t that obvious? i mean, who wouldn’t like their own status? and worse, if you are the only one liking it then its time you realise the fact that you have got issues..mentally!!

talking bout achievements, beating my score in “throw the kitty” is not an achievement in any world other than yours and now that you know this, don’t put that on my wall ( by the way i played it when i was sleepy and i can beat you anyday πŸ˜› ) or i did already but didn’t post it on your wall πŸ˜‰ completing COD, NFS in a week is an achievement and sure will get a like from me.

why do you care bout who is stacking your profile? its not like emma watson is your “secret admirer” or you are not wanted by any of the please stop clicking something which has spam written all over it! and if you still wanna know who is stacking you, you can do other things like maybe looking around? you have a life outside facebook don’t you?

just one line, there should be a limit of videos you upload on facebook everyday.

save the best for last they say, i’ve saved the worse ( in my opinion ) for the last.

“she dumped me” ok, i feel sorry for the break up. (*thinking should i like this )
“how could she do it?” how would i know that, its your personal life.
“i still miss her” well, that’s something common to all.. ( *will liking this sound rude?Β  ) this is the limit even if you are trying to hit on a girl based on the sympathy you get from her for this breakup ( that may end up again in the same thing and no prizes for guessing that your next status will be “she dumped me” )
“girls are #$@%$#%” this is the point when i get pissed off..who are you to generalise on stuff like this? if you have got enough experience with enough girls to be fit to generalise, then there is nothing wrong in her dumping you. andΒ  i have seen enough statuses like this to generalise that this is the meeting call for “the heart broken association” and the next series of comments end up revealing how many have seen similar fate in their life. NEWS FLASH most of your friends on fb don’t care and like is not equal to being sympathetic for you. i “liked” a few of this kinda statuses just to see where the comment thread ends up πŸ˜› its funny, i know πŸ˜‰

you ask me, why do you care bout this? well, its in my news feed! and after reading all this you feel this has wasted your time..well see?

edit- for those who didn’t understand the sarcasm in the last line, this is how i felt when i saw all those statuses even when i had nothin else to do.

and i won’t unfriend you for a simple reason you are one of my friends and with the busy office hours, facebook is the only way to keep me updated on what you are upto πŸ™‚

TLDR version – stop posting crap on facebook, please!