Grow Up!

There is this huge conception where being a kid is considered being immature. We hear, “You’re not a kid anymore” all the time (at least I do). But they never tell you the exact point of switch over. When do you go from being a kid to suddenly be an adult. What do you do then? Is it an option and what if I don’t want to take that option? Why can’t I be a kid and still be mature? What does maturity has anything to do with being a kid? I look around and I see a lot of so called adults behaving in a way they shouldn’t be (mind you, I’ll not mention the word kiddish here). What qualifies you as an adult? If it’s about maturity, being all grumpy, and serious faced, I’d rather choose playing in the rain, kicking around rocks and innocence. We’re stuck in a world where most of us want to be kids and are forced to be adults losing our innocence in the process. Why? Because being a kid is not acceptable by the society. I don’t see the point. I don’t understand the reason behind “hey grow up, you’re not a kid anymore”. I also hear people say “Wish I was a kid again”, and I think “What’s stopping them?” We all have that kid in ourselves, some of us know it, some don’t. A few have gotten to a level of losing it and tend to find it back at a really old age when they couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t think anything is stopping us from smiling, from being able to admire silly things with gleaming eyes, from holding on to that little bit of innocence left in us.
The people I consider best friends are the ones with whom I behave like a kid and not feel weird about it. The times I feel innocent happiness are when I do things I’ve always loved doing since I was a kid. I believe in genuinely smiling at people, I believe in looking at things the way they are and I believe being a grown up is seriously overrated. If I fall, I want to be able to stand up, rub it off and continue doing what I was doing. Like a kid. I want to look at the world like a kid in an amusement park. The upcoming Calvin and Hobbes documentary summed it up perfectly for me. Calvin is the kid we all wanted to be. Bill Watterson summed up an entire life’s lesson in those comics. The smart, silly, misinterpreted genius is what we all want to be. At least I do.

Whatever doesn’t kill you, keeps you alive!

What if someone gives you an escape route if you can kill someone, who would you kill? Many people would say different answers, mostly personal and maybe a few for the world good ( yeah, I get it you wanna be a hero who saves the world, you wanna be famous, selfish jerk ). I have a list which keeps changing with time. My question is, what will it take to answer the first question with your name.
I mean, why would someone want to kill themselves ( if any of you who are reading this have killed yourself, please drop your answers in the comments and the best answer will be handsomely rewarded ). I mean, really? I see you screwed up somewhere but which calculation lead to death as an answer? Death is the eventual answer for everyone at some point but it derives itself, you don’t have to be a smartass to derive it early. you won’t be there to show it off. What is the ultimate screw up that make people kill themselves? Different answers here too, nothing of which would be irreversible. If you get stuck inside a box under water, wouldn’t it be fun to try and get out instead of just giving up, isn’t that the whole point of life? trying not to die?
When I talk about stupidity and suicide, I talk of healthy stupid people and not those poor terminally ill ones whose less painful option is death. Peace be with those people. Back to our stupid guys, do you know how much it’d hurt when you die? ( yes, you know now. Yes, I know its a stupid question to ask you ) Rationally I couldn’t think of one painless way to kill oneself. Its not instant either. What if the second you realise you’re gonna die and you don’t want to die? Would you want your last thought to be regret? And it sure isn’t pretty to look at. If you’ve done something you’re shameful and feel like killing yourself, why do it in the first place? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that. I know life isn’t fair and all that crap. Its the same for all of us. You don’t take revenge on that by killing yourself, you do it by living ( cheesy, I know ).
Its your life and you have every right over it. If you are suicidal, do this now. Hit yourself hard where it hurts the most. It might hurt ten times more when you die or it might not hurt at all but know this, it will hurt a million times more for the ones who love you EVERY SINGLE DAY. GROW UP.

Is that all we got?

I was one of the few people who came to the internet fairly late in their life. It was only around my college time my parents bought me a PC and internet was somewhere around 2nd year of college. Before that, there was a time when I used to rely on newspapers and magazines for in-depth analysis of any news ( TV news is not the same as they start repeating the same and most TV channels were biased like the Congress News Network or the other Tamil channels which had the party branding all over it ). Then came the internet and with it came latest news at your desktop as and when it happens. Tech blogs, video blogs, live coverage, and what not. It wasn’t the latest stuff or the inside the war zone tweets by journalists made me move online for all my news, it wasn’t even half of what i wanted. I read online news for a single huge reason, “comments”.

If you see me browsing, I spend more time in the comments than the actual post. Yeah, I read the post and everything but the true value lies in the comments. This is what I love about tech blogs, you read an article about a certain new development or a new company Microsoft is planning to sue for patent infringement, there is a whole another level of discussion going on about it. You can find out the past of it and also from people on either sides of the wall. Yes,there are trolls, a huge load of them. So much, that they can start a country of their own on the internet which was a bit, um..stupid but still the comment threads were always informative, sometimes more than the actual post! Reddit has a brilliant way to reduce trolling with the up-voting system and user pushed content which are relevant to the discussion. Why am I speaking about this? ( I don’t really know, I just thought its been long and a new post is due for a while now ) well, I see all this content driven discussions and I see the most favorite discussion forum for Indian youth, “Facebook” and what do i see?

Youre cute………………can i be ur frend?
Dei you dunno anything, vijay is mass!!
Thala rocks!!~!!!!!!!!!
ver nice photo!!
rarest picture of hero/heroine/cricketer/myarse
pls share this if you love your dad/mom/puppy/nextdoorneighbour/country/lover/ex-lover/future-lover/myarse
Pics of girls drinking/smoking and comments on how much girls are spoilt and why they suck!..

and the language used is just WOW.. I always wonder how a guy/girl who can swear this good in their comments go wrong with their grammar 😛 ( I don’t say my grammar is top drawer stuff but I had better grammar in class ten than what they have now ) The only sites I see more comments are “” and um,this other site where um..oh, no, this news site where.. oh, never mind. I see comments only if there is a picture of a celebrity or a girl! ( when a major newspapers’ top news is about bollywood cleavage and Sunny’s first look in Jism ( TOI today ), you can’t really expect much of people reading it #facepalm )

I know there is a place called real life where people “talk” to each other about things. But is it too much to ask the online community of India to be more than just a troll? I mean, how bad is it gonna make you feel if you type some honest opinions and participate in healthy discussions which not just clears your mind but also helps others who read it if they have the same doubt? The present situation is the same as elections, where the so called “well-educated” stay at home and enjoy the leave while others vote for the party they had liked from their childhood for the party principles which the party themselves have forgotten for years now! Is that all we got? The status of a troll?

Note: If you know a site where there are healthy discussion of anything Indian, feel free to post it in the comments.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Scene1. A college. A girl is dark complexioned ( looks cute ), always with books and the guys tease her for being dark whenever she walks past. Poor girl, her confidence is completely broken *how sad, you poor thing*. Enter a movie heroine who happens to study in her same class ( maybe the closest they have got to college ), approaches her and offers her a fairness cream and in seven days, the girl is fair ( note the fact that i didn’t say cute anymore ), confident, all smiles and gets a proposal *awwww, how romantic*.

What they expect me to learn : That fairness cream can make you fair anywhere between 7 days and 7 weeks. ( If it takes more, you are not applying enough ). A fair girl is confident and she gets a proposal and the guys start flocking around her.

What i learnt ( Personal opinion ) :  She was with books, looked cute before the fairness cream thingy which implies she knew exams required books and she doesn’t have to care how she looked while she was writing one. Now, she is more worried about how she looks when she is writing one. She has got a relationship in a week which i am frankly surprised about whether the guy loved her that minute she turned fair or he liked her before but hesitated to say because she was dark. In either case, its not love.

Lesson for the day: Girls go to college to get a boyfriend (the whole theme of the four crap books and movies where they show glittering vampires who prey on vulnerable girls, imo *i am being safe here*) and to be flocked around by guys. Oh really Mr.Ad maker guy? *how little i have known of the opposite gender, shame on you nidhish, SLAP!!* Its a revelation to me! Thank you so much!!

Scene2. A home. A girl is singing well (nice voice and cute), she is lacking confidence as she is dark ( no prizes for guessing ) and her father is not allowing her to go to the Indian Idol or any of those stupid reality programmes where they make a big scene when the contestant is rejected. A family friend who is a mid aged or young good and homely looking model enters (man, i gotta know where is this kinda apartment where everyone looks awesome) and gives her a fairness cream and voila, she wins the contest looking fair and smiling for the camera. Her mom and dad watches it on TV *wipes tear off the corner of the eye, proud of their daughter* ( on a sidenote, aren’t they supposed to be there? )

What they expect me to learn: If you are a girl, you need fairness cream and your parents will be proud if you are fair, go on TV and win something.

What i learnt: Nothing. What can you even learn from this kinda stupidity? You can make your parents happy by being fair? Come on, if you are not fair, its not your fault. You should be happy with better sun protection with more melanine in skin ( white people can be called pigmentally challenged in this regard 😛 ).. If its a fairness cream for guys, then its all about getting girls. You become fair, you get a girl. Period. and a movie star to tell you the same thing.
Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best fairness cream of all? is the question that the world seems to be asking right now or so they make it look. Since when did a dumb blonde ( blonde here refers to the stereotypical stupidity and not the hair colour *thinks indian girls dying their hair blonde..rofl* ) become better than a dark intelligent girl with glasses? I dunno, maybe i’m not the kinda guy who thinks cuteness depends on skin colour or likes a girl seeing only the skin colour. (no, i’m not trying to hit on a girl who is dark but trying to make a point that treating people based on their skin colour is just not fair )  Oh, yeah now i get it it.. All those ad makers are bloody racists and should be sued for encouraging it!

Note: If you are wondering what the picture had to do with the whole blog post, there is a name for this kinda writing where you put up an irrelevant picture to the content. Forgot the name though.