That half filled glass!!

that half filled glass

There is always this example people quote to tell if a person is positive or negative. You see a glass half full and you are awarded the optimist tag ( congrats ) but i wonder how can one single thought determine if a person is positive? i mean, a person sees a glass half empty, pour water and make it full. Does it mean that he’s still negative? Or if the “optimist” sees it half full and drinks it to make it what?

According to me, its not a positive thought at the moment that makes you positive or negative but what happens or how you follow up with that thought that finally determines if you are positive or negative. Or if someone who has studied to give this example can explain it to me why is it still being used 😛

There is a third kind of people like me. See a glass filled with water in the bottom half and top half empty and wonder what happened to the other half? Did someone drink it? Where is that person now? He didn’t like it and left it halfway or he didn’t live long enough to drink it all the way? 😛

Life isn’t all about yes and no. There is also maybe, sorta and what if..