Whatever doesn’t kill you, keeps you alive!

What if someone gives you an escape route if you can kill someone, who would you kill? Many people would say different answers, mostly personal and maybe a few for the world good ( yeah, I get it you wanna be a hero who saves the world, you wanna be famous, selfish jerk ). I have a list which keeps changing with time. My question is, what will it take to answer the first question with your name.
I mean, why would someone want to kill themselves ( if any of you who are reading this have killed yourself, please drop your answers in the comments and the best answer will be handsomely rewarded ). I mean, really? I see you screwed up somewhere but which calculation lead to death as an answer? Death is the eventual answer for everyone at some point but it derives itself, you don’t have to be a smartass to derive it early. you won’t be there to show it off. What is the ultimate screw up that make people kill themselves? Different answers here too, nothing of which would be irreversible. If you get stuck inside a box under water, wouldn’t it be fun to try and get out instead of just giving up, isn’t that the whole point of life? trying not to die?
When I talk about stupidity and suicide, I talk of healthy stupid people and not those poor terminally ill ones whose less painful option is death. Peace be with those people. Back to our stupid guys, do you know how much it’d hurt when you die? ( yes, you know now. Yes, I know its a stupid question to ask you ) Rationally I couldn’t think of one painless way to kill oneself. Its not instant either. What if the second you realise you’re gonna die and you don’t want to die? Would you want your last thought to be regret? And it sure isn’t pretty to look at. If you’ve done something you’re shameful and feel like killing yourself, why do it in the first place? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that. I know life isn’t fair and all that crap. Its the same for all of us. You don’t take revenge on that by killing yourself, you do it by living ( cheesy, I know ).
Its your life and you have every right over it. If you are suicidal, do this now. Hit yourself hard where it hurts the most. It might hurt ten times more when you die or it might not hurt at all but know this, it will hurt a million times more for the ones who love you EVERY SINGLE DAY. GROW UP.

a memorable weekend!

it all started when i went with my friend rakesh to anna university to attend the mba counselling on behalf of my sister 🙂 she was abroad that time..she got seat in anna university for the marks she scored in the entrance..it was for mba in correspondence..she has to attend just a class or two in a month..just when i registered her for anna university, her mom called me and asked me to choose a college near our area, so it ll be easy for her to go..but then i had chose CEG already.. i said her like don worry i ll accompany sister when she got class..i said it for fun then..but didn expect it ll happen..it happened last weekend..i had to attend a seminar in anna university, the same day as her first mba class..so, we decided to go together..i didn expect it ll happen till it did.. ( almost everything i really wish to happen, usually doesn’t 🙁  but this is an expection 😀 ) 20 of my class were attending that seminar..i told em like i ll be coming with my sister and meet up at anna univ..they started early..by the time we started, the guys were long gone..we finally took a bus to reach halfway..my frens messaged me asking where was i..i was jus crossing my area then..if i had told em that, i would ve got lotta good words from em 😉 ..so,i thought better not to reply..we talked all the way in the bus..or should i say i talked all the way..she was a bit tired from work the day before and was a bit sleepy ( dunno if my talk made her sleep 🙁 ) we reached anna univ right on time..my friends reached nearky an hour early and was waiting for me..i managed without getting any scolds.. 😉 the seminar went well for me, i told her ll meet up for lunch..but they served us free lunch at the seminar ( it was good too..we had paid 300 for the day and the certificate ) but had to skip it.. 🙁 for my sis 🙂 i got my lunch and gave it to the guys and went to meet sis..we had lunch in the canteen..she had waited in the looong queue to get lunch for me too.. ( sweet of her 🙂 ) we finished and was to meet after my seminar got over..the afternoon session was too borin..i had to wait for the certificate to be issued..i didn pay 300 bucks for nothing..her class got over an hour b4 mine and she was waiting for me 🙁 ..we decided to take the train back..we got a train the minute we got into the station..we boarded, then a lady police asked me to get down..i asked if it was a ladies compartment but then the whole train for ladies it seems..come on, they even get a train for their own and they still fight for some 33%..i think we guys are the ones who should fight..it was drizzling and the journey was great..guys took the bus..we reached nearly an hour b4 em this time.. 😉 it was great being with my sis..( i always wanted a sister in my life and she filled it perfectly..i love calling her as my sis.. 🙂 ) well, a wonderful weekend..no other word to describe it..hope i get to go next time too.. 😉 fingers crossed..all upto u yagna akka!