Mirror Mirror on the wall

Scene1. A college. A girl is dark complexioned ( looks cute ), always with books and the guys tease her for being dark whenever she walks past. Poor girl, her confidence is completely broken *how sad, you poor thing*. Enter a movie heroine who happens to study in her same class ( maybe the closest they have got to college ), approaches her and offers her a fairness cream and in seven days, the girl is fair ( note the fact that i didn’t say cute anymore ), confident, all smiles and gets a proposal *awwww, how romantic*.

What they expect me to learn : That fairness cream can make you fair anywhere between 7 days and 7 weeks. ( If it takes more, you are not applying enough ). A fair girl is confident and she gets a proposal and the guys start flocking around her.

What i learnt ( Personal opinion ) :Β  She was with books, looked cute before the fairness cream thingy which implies she knew exams required books and she doesn’t have to care how she looked while she was writing one. Now, she is more worried about how she looks when she is writing one. She has got a relationship in a week which i am frankly surprised about whether the guy loved her that minute she turned fair or he liked her before but hesitated to say because she was dark. In either case, its not love.

Lesson for the day: Girls go to college to get a boyfriend (the whole theme of the four crap books and movies where they show glittering vampires who prey on vulnerable girls, imo *i am being safe here*) and to be flocked around by guys. Oh really Mr.Ad maker guy? *how little i have known of the opposite gender, shame on you nidhish, SLAP!!* Its a revelation to me! Thank you so much!!

Scene2. A home. A girl is singing well (nice voice and cute), she is lacking confidence as she is dark ( no prizes for guessing ) and her father is not allowing her to go to the Indian Idol or any of those stupid reality programmes where they make a big scene when the contestant is rejected. A family friend who is a mid aged or young good and homely looking model enters (man, i gotta know where is this kinda apartment where everyone looks awesome)Β and gives her a fairness cream and voila, she wins the contest looking fair and smiling for the camera. Her mom and dad watches it on TV *wipes tear off the corner of the eye, proud of their daughter* ( on a sidenote, aren’t they supposed to be there? )

What they expect me to learn: If you are a girl, you need fairness cream and your parents will be proud if you are fair, go on TV and win something.

What i learnt: Nothing. What can you even learn from this kinda stupidity? You can make your parents happy by being fair? Come on, if you are not fair, its not your fault. You should be happy with better sun protection with more melanine in skin ( white people can be called pigmentally challenged in this regard πŸ˜› ).. If its a fairness cream for guys, then its all about getting girls. You become fair, you get a girl. Period. and a movie star to tell you the same thing.
Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best fairness cream of all? is the question that the world seems to be asking right now or so they make it look. Since when did a dumb blonde ( blonde here refers to the stereotypical stupidity and not the hair colour *thinks indian girls dying their hair blonde..rofl* ) become better than a dark intelligent girl with glasses? I dunno, maybe i’m not the kinda guy who thinks cuteness depends on skin colour or likes a girl seeing only the skin colour. (no, i’m not trying to hit on a girl who is dark but trying to make a point that treating people based on their skin colour is just not fair )Β  Oh, yeah now i get it it.. All those ad makers are bloody racists and should be sued for encouraging it!

Note: If you are wondering what the picture had to do with the whole blog post, there is a name for this kinda writing where you put up an irrelevant picture to the content. Forgot the name though.

VAAADAAA!!! theatre ku ullaya veliyaya??

this is one movie which created a whole lotta stir in the daily lives of tamil people.. wen sun pictures announced the movie, it was the startin point of disaster..i never wanted to watch it..tat too in theatres..i was in a great mood after watchin 3 idiots which i loved like anythin..but u dunno bout my friends..they dont plan anythin, they just do..it was the decided we were goin for the night show of vettaikaran just 2 hours before the movie starts..my mom didn allow me to take my bike..so, bala picked me up..and it was my job to convince madan’s mom to send him..the tickets were a bit costly for raki standards..10 of us guys went in..it was just us and another gang of 10 or so in the entire balcony..the movie started as usual with the mass song..then the unthinkable happened..vijay was shown as a guy who was writin 12th std for four years..tat makes him almost my age..he is first year college student..come on..what next?? i guess he is taking sathyaraj a bit more seriously.. πŸ˜‰ then the usual vijay movie stuff..comedy, heroism and all..he didn have his usual flare in dance sequence though..and the heroine..is it really anushka??, the gorgeous girl from arunthati n all.. she looked like vijay’s aunt..and in some scenes like his uncle..i mean, what happened..didn tip the make up artist well?? ( its evident in the song where vijay wears a wig..woeful..) or misunderstood the word “reality cinema” as movie without makeup ?? who cares..the first half was like totally noisy with a bit of humour here and there..and i thought sometimes my jokes were bad πŸ˜‰ ..how come every villian shouts with the same pitch?? god, i was searchin for the volume control switch in the theatre..the second half started and my friend ajay was totally frustrated with the movie already..the worse was yet to come..oh, did i mention, two of my friends were watchin it for the second time in the same week..came due to our compulsion..i couldn’t imagine how they felt πŸ™ then it was the typical scenes only vijay can do..like beating 100 people just like that or lockin a car from underwater ( waterproof batteries πŸ˜‰ )..one song in which he transforms into a superhero ( vettaikaran πŸ˜‰ ) n all that stuff..punch dialogs were spilled all over..did i hear the applause sound in the background score?? oh, they knew we wouldn’t clap..guess they were right..then came the climax of killing the villian who became a minister in a single day..but actually a blind man does the job that vijay couldn’t..so much for logic..whatever..its way over time that vjay realised he should do somethin what to say..different is a wrong word to use here..a typical vijay movie with the same cliche scenes..its not with the hero but its directors who should change..waitin for the remake of classics like the italian job, fight club and tat kinda movies..do atleast that guys..and please no songs with a group of bright coloured dancers..wonder how’ll the people watchin the shooting in foreign locations ll feel bout us..aal izz well..