Life through laughter!

For those who haven’t seen or can’t recollect, there is a comedy routine by Goundamani which is about a husband complaining about how he can’t beat his wife anymore, how the few people in the neighborhood (society) find reasons to stop him. He explains how they say initially, it’s wrong to hit a newly wed wife, then that she’s pregnant and how dare he hit a new mom, and later in life how could he hit his wife when his son is old enough to understand the situation. While this post is in no way appreciating the content exhibited in the video (It is very wrong to hit your partner, no matter what they do how much ever you wish to, just don’t. It hurts and your partner is people too, Unless you’re into that kind of stuff, then it’s your personal wish), this is about the way that I’ve related to this video more than a video of a irresponsible arrogant man talking about hitting his wife should.
But..but how would this be any relevant to me nor anyone in their right mind or how could such a low act be extrapolated to other life situations. Well , that’s where the genius of Counter Mani a.k.a Goundamani works.

1. I want sit at home and do absolutely nothing productive when my parents are around.
Class X (Before that one doesn’t stay quite in one place or appreciate the awesomeness of general nothing-to-do-ness) : How can you be doing nothing, study class X properly and you’ll cruise your life after that. [ Helps you get into class XI in some popular school in your locality which in my case was the same and thus, obsolete]

Class XII : This is the most important part of your life, if you study now and get into a good college, your life would be swell.

Under Graduation : Do you know how bad the job market is out there, put in your effort now and get into IT and you’ll be in the US of A within the next two years.

Post Graduation : You can’t study anymore, so unless you want to do a PhD and become a Professor in a B-School, you can’t afford to waste time doing nothing.

At WorkDo you think I pay you for this incompetence?

When you get to a point where you retire, you can’t do anything else so it isn’t fun anymore.

[Cue the video]

2. I want to spend money on some mundane stuff which for some obvious reason is of value only to me and not anyone around me.

Right Before WorkYou’re only going to start work and you’re spending on THIS? If I was you, I’d worry about my future than spend lavishly like this. Kids these days and their lifestyle. IT has paid them too much money and they don’t understand the value of it.

At Work : You should be saving money now for your student loans, marriage, kid’s education (well, I’m not married yet) and your retirement plans (DUDE, I just started working).

When you’re old enough to spend without worrying about anything else – Is this the age to buy THIS?

[Cue the same video]

You get the picture? One has to appreciate the underlying tone of the video which speaks about the interference of society in our personal lives, the extent we let other people control our lives and seeking constant approval from people who probably don’t even care. While I’m not implying this is rule written on a stone and is universal, it does exist to a major extent everywhere around us. This only goes to show the genius that is Goundamani who’s more than once portrayed life lessons through unorthodox, crass and sometimes absurd ways, most of which would remain unparalleled by the successors. If I was any less informed, I might have dropped the “Underrated” word in his description but he isn’t. I’m understanding more in those than I did when I watched them as a wee kid. Yeah, it does takes age to appreciate his comedy. And one that should be truly appreciated.

Ps. I don’t recollect the exact movie name and I’m not able to find the video yet. Will add it to the post as soon I find it.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Scene1. A college. A girl is dark complexioned ( looks cute ), always with books and the guys tease her for being dark whenever she walks past. Poor girl, her confidence is completely broken *how sad, you poor thing*. Enter a movie heroine who happens to study in her same class ( maybe the closest they have got to college ), approaches her and offers her a fairness cream and in seven days, the girl is fair ( note the fact that i didn’t say cute anymore ), confident, all smiles and gets a proposal *awwww, how romantic*.

What they expect me to learn : That fairness cream can make you fair anywhere between 7 days and 7 weeks. ( If it takes more, you are not applying enough ). A fair girl is confident and she gets a proposal and the guys start flocking around her.

What i learnt ( Personal opinion ) :  She was with books, looked cute before the fairness cream thingy which implies she knew exams required books and she doesn’t have to care how she looked while she was writing one. Now, she is more worried about how she looks when she is writing one. She has got a relationship in a week which i am frankly surprised about whether the guy loved her that minute she turned fair or he liked her before but hesitated to say because she was dark. In either case, its not love.

Lesson for the day: Girls go to college to get a boyfriend (the whole theme of the four crap books and movies where they show glittering vampires who prey on vulnerable girls, imo *i am being safe here*) and to be flocked around by guys. Oh really Mr.Ad maker guy? *how little i have known of the opposite gender, shame on you nidhish, SLAP!!* Its a revelation to me! Thank you so much!!

Scene2. A home. A girl is singing well (nice voice and cute), she is lacking confidence as she is dark ( no prizes for guessing ) and her father is not allowing her to go to the Indian Idol or any of those stupid reality programmes where they make a big scene when the contestant is rejected. A family friend who is a mid aged or young good and homely looking model enters (man, i gotta know where is this kinda apartment where everyone looks awesome) and gives her a fairness cream and voila, she wins the contest looking fair and smiling for the camera. Her mom and dad watches it on TV *wipes tear off the corner of the eye, proud of their daughter* ( on a sidenote, aren’t they supposed to be there? )

What they expect me to learn: If you are a girl, you need fairness cream and your parents will be proud if you are fair, go on TV and win something.

What i learnt: Nothing. What can you even learn from this kinda stupidity? You can make your parents happy by being fair? Come on, if you are not fair, its not your fault. You should be happy with better sun protection with more melanine in skin ( white people can be called pigmentally challenged in this regard 😛 ).. If its a fairness cream for guys, then its all about getting girls. You become fair, you get a girl. Period. and a movie star to tell you the same thing.
Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best fairness cream of all? is the question that the world seems to be asking right now or so they make it look. Since when did a dumb blonde ( blonde here refers to the stereotypical stupidity and not the hair colour *thinks indian girls dying their hair blonde..rofl* ) become better than a dark intelligent girl with glasses? I dunno, maybe i’m not the kinda guy who thinks cuteness depends on skin colour or likes a girl seeing only the skin colour. (no, i’m not trying to hit on a girl who is dark but trying to make a point that treating people based on their skin colour is just not fair )  Oh, yeah now i get it it.. All those ad makers are bloody racists and should be sued for encouraging it!

Note: If you are wondering what the picture had to do with the whole blog post, there is a name for this kinda writing where you put up an irrelevant picture to the content. Forgot the name though.

a land of 1000 movies..

yeah, m talkin bout my country India..we hav a lotta woods here to make movies..( vry less to make oxygen though.. 🙁 ) there is kollywood,tollywood, malluwood (?), the dominant bollywood and other smaller ones like bhojpuri etc..we ve been making movies for more than 75 yrs and with the exception of a few here and there we can categorize all the movies under one topic..seasonal cliche ( i dunno how to type that end e with a horn with my keyboard..but i know u get the picture.. ) i hav a few doubts bout all the movies..i’m asking it here so that someone would answer me..
first of all, wats with the “wood” in the name?..thr is one place called hollywood where they make english movies, that doesn’t mean all shud end with a wood..
my second question is whats with the seasonal stories?? if one movie is declared a hit a dozen other movies follow suit with the same theme and a small change in script..ah, come on if u wanna copy, copy ur own script..make a sequel of ur own movie..part2 works most of the time, if not take a part3.. 😉
next is, why shud the hero always win?? even if he is a bad guy and kill a dozen people..also tat if one guy in a hero s family dies, its shown as somethin huge and the hero goes to the villian’s lair and challenges him..while doin so he kills a lot of they don hav family?? what bout them?? why are the movies always around one guy who is just another normal guy but beats up ten ppl with a single movement..the funny part is a hero worked out and showed six pack abs in a movie which hardly had fight scenes.. 😉 i say, if u wanna show a hero beat up everyone make him a superhero..we audience ll accept that..
last question..why is it, if a movie is declared hit in one language, it s remade in another language again with the same dialogus and the same scenes..the original with a subtitle hav pretty much done the job i guess.. 🙂
anyways thats the way it works and if any1 readin this post knew the anwers for what i asked, do reply cuz there are a whole lot like me with the same thing in mind..