Some stupid Rant!

Mother tongue : This is one of the columns you have to fill in most of the major forms in your life. I’ve never quite been very good at my mother tongue as I grew up in a different state with different language. I’ve never had a problem with it when at home but when I speak to a native speaker, I feel my command on the language or rather the lack of it. One reason I never identify myself with my mother tongue unless necessary. To me, mother tongue is more like the language in which you speak to yourself, the language you think in, the language you translate everything you hear so that you can relate to it and understand better which brings to the burning question inside me these days, WHY ON EARTH AM I SPEAKING TO MYSELF IN ENGLISH? Freaked me out the day I realized this. I looked around and it didn’t feel odd. Freaked me out even more.

There was a time when tamil font looked like home and english looked alien to me, now, thanks to text messaging, tamil font in english looks like home and tamil in tamil looks weird. We live in a generation who can read tamil written in english font faster than tamil written in tamil. The first time I went into my company and expected everyone to speak in english. Now I feel stupid about it. Speak in the language both of you can understand, that should be fine as long as you don’t make a fool of yourself speaking english to the client, in that case you may speak english at work to refine it. The obsession with english has grown into people so much that little kids speak to their parents in english. I mean, I can’t speak to my parents in english without feeling super weird about it and I’m happy that way. I don’t ever want to speak to them in english. English is for my job and it should stay there unless necessary. Your language is the one you are comfortable with and you speak your heart in it and slowly english is taking that spot. I don’t know guys, It doesn’t have that ring to it when it comes to personal things.

Na unna kadhalikaren sounds way cooler than I love you 😛 just saying.
Note to self: Mavane, inime english la yosika kudadhu. (Translation: Bugger, don’t ever think in english from now on) ( I’m too lazy to type it in tamil font but you get the picture right? )

Ps: Maha janangale, nalla english pesuna kuda paravalle, thayavu senju pesanungaradukkaga english ah pesi uyira vaangadeenga. Please.

Translation of the above on request from Sreekar: ( Dear people, I don’t mind if you speak proper english, please don’t speak english for the heck of it )

do the new!

seems every mobile operator in india is going the docomo way..the trend of 1ps per sec has caught up like the jaipur fire..its 69 in airtel, 65 in vodafone and aircel got the cheapest add on with 18 rupees for the next year fully..ask me what is this trying to show? well, think back a few months..we had call rates that wasn’t less than one rupee without rate cutters..even if it was less it would be 99 paise..big deal! and now all of a sudden, everyone is giving add ons as cheap as the addons for firefox ( its free actually 😉 ) get my point? so, all these days they have been making one hell of a profit with all of, an opertor comes in and gave 1sec pulse and everyone follow suit..( i wonder, when somethin comes cheap, why is it always from japan, china or korea ) everyone is turned to the 1sec pulse..the funny thing is they make profit even here..they don wanna give it out for, they charge a small fee for somethin they could give for free..jus like that..but then, there is the old lady..good ‘ol ( or is ol’) BSNL..what are they doing out there?? well, they are busy trying to make money out off the spectrum allocation so that few ppl can ensure the monetary safety of their forthcoming generations..shouldn’t the government provide services in par with the private ones or atleast half of it?? ( i agree, broadband is really good but what bout the rest..) a friend of mine send me a msg askin me where was i reached my mobile when i was with him the next bout service..guys even comment like at this rate soon the missed calls given in the morning ll reach the other end only in the afternoon..its not a joke..many are just waiting for the number transition plan to get rid of their troubling BSNL network..maybe none wanna use a BSNL number no might soon be happening..its time the government stood up for the people and set things right..rather than making money off it..will they? lets wait and watch..till then,happy calling people.. 😉