lane rules..

wats tat all bout??,is this somethin related to driving??, wats a lane?? these may be one of the few mentionable answers one may get if asked to most of chennai’ s lorry or bus drivers, or any driver for tat case..tats wat i feel after seein em drive in chennai roads.. πŸ˜‰ i ve noticed this lotta times wen stuck in traffic..
1. U dont like waiting in the traffic for long?
2. U drive into the other half of the road if its free?
3. U dont care bout the guy comin in tat lane?
4. U curse the traffic like its not ur fault but cross the lane while doin so?
5. U try to squeeze into the smallest available space but get angry wen theΒ  other guy does it too?
6. U block the other side completely nd dont allow the other side to go any further nd make the two way road to a one way traffic? ( i am sure the traffic would ve been cleared easily if all had stuck to their lane)
then U r one of the ppl i m talkin bout.. πŸ™ the sad thing is everyone has gotten into this trend nowadays, pity to see the government buses do that too..wen are they gonna learn to respect their fellow beings?? hmmm.. πŸ™

who said traffic jams r borin??

i jus witnessed or shud i say enjoyed the best traffic jam of my happened last friday..
I have to catch the 0750 bus or the one b4 tat to reach my college on time..tat day i missed it by a long time..
i got a bus to cover half way at 0810..thank god,i got the bus to the next half which was just about to start..
i was with my fren..
the bus was empty than i tot evry1 had left nd jus the 2 of us r gonna be late..the driver was slow too.. πŸ™
i have to be in college by 0830Β  (but i ll always be a few mins late..not tat i m not punctual,i m jus lazy at times πŸ˜‰ )
the time was already 0827 nd still a good 15 min journey was left.. πŸ™Β  the bus came to a halt cuz of a railway crossing nd didn move a bit for de next 5 min.. πŸ™
we got worried nd tot of walkin a distance nd try to catch an auto or somethin on the other side..the traffic was pretty longggg..
we would hav walked a few secs, then we noticed one of our coll bus was stuck too.. was happy for tat.. πŸ˜‰ he he..
jus then, we noticed a whole bunch of our frens..then, the thing i saw brought a BIG smile on my lips.. a few more coll buses were thr too nd guess wat..
the 0750 bus was thr too.. πŸ˜€ the traffic had been blocked for a half hour.. all guys got down from the buses nd were chattin nd enjoyin the mornin..
we had an exam on tat day nd rumours were goin around tat it maybe postponed..many even tot of returnin back home..we were so involved tat we didn even notice tat more than 10 mins passed..(others were thr for more than 30 min)..
( a staff bored of waiting, even got the mornin paper from a nearby store nd started readin..)
the excitement was so high tat thr was a BIG silence wen the goods train was about to cross..crushing all our plans of postponing the exam.. πŸ™
it took a 5 mins for the train to cross nd the traffic was slowly clearing..i got in the 0750 bus.. πŸ˜‰ with my frens nd the bus moved slowly
cuz thr was heavy traffic on the other side of the crossing too.. finally our stop arrived nd we took our time nd reached the coll by 0915 to hear the so called good news from the staff tat the test was actually 0930 tat is.. πŸ™
we had to write other way.. it wasnt bad after all.. πŸ™‚
not a perfect ending, but if traffic jams r always this way, i”d love to wait in every one of em.. πŸ˜‰