A little bit of this and that!

Whenever I think of this, I get to the point where I blame the way the world works. From our childhood, we were taught of everything in pairs of good and bad. I really feel we have been hardwired of the concept. We start assuming that there is always a yin to a yang. Starting from the age old Hero – Villain, God – Devil ( gods from other religions too, but they fall under the same word – perspective), matter – anti-matter, life – death, to the more recent Gandhi- Godse (perspective might vary) DMK – ADMK, Ajith – Vijay, Sourav – Sachin, Rajini – Kamal, Good music – Justin Beiber and the list goes on. Its not about the good and the bad but how people apply it to the real world scares the hell outta me.

Sometimes it gets really weird when people expect you to hate someone just because you like the other, or even worse when they assume that you hate the other just because you like the someone. I say something about Vijay movies that they are all the same and I see people assume and get to the notion that I like Ajith and the reverse. I say I am a Sourav Ganguly fan and I’ve had people ask me “Why don’t you like Sachin?, You have no taste..”, I say I don’t follow cricket that much and I didn’t see the Australia series and I’m seen like an freak. I mean, really? Are we that dumb to assume no opinion = hate? I have had people laugh at me when I support something that they don’t. Who gives us the right to ridicule people for liking something that we don’t. I understand us supporting a certain entity to an extent, but just how far is too far? Does a Vijay fan eventually develop a hatred towards Ajith and his fans and a Sachin fan does it to other fans? Maybe, maybe not. Its high time that we start respecting the choice of others even if its the exact opposite of ours. And unless someone says they hate something, please don’t assume it.

Life isn’t all yes and no, there is also a maybe.

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