Conversations with the helmet.

I used to wear helmet even before they made it mandatory in Chennai. Not exactly to protect myself against the reckless driver, but a filter to protect my face against all the dust in the road back home. Every bike ride has a story, exploring the roads never taken before, living life on the edge and some amazing adventures on the highway. The feeling of breeze hitting the face. What would I know? How long have I travelled in my bike? The Story of my bike rides are different. It involves speeds less than 80 (touching 80 would be an achievement), it involves infinite traffic signals and the traffic grand prix between them. It sometimes is more stationary than movement. The best thing about it is the conversations with the helmet. I can say, my helmet knows more about me than a lot of people. It’s a time when I can talk to myself without having to worry about other people watching. I’ve had concerts, key note addresses, hell I’ve taken a few life decisions during an everyday bike ride back home. The helmet doesn’t answer any questions, it listens. It listens to you without its own prejudice. It doesn’t laugh at your stupidity. It doesn’t put off your ideas even before you deliver them. It doesn’t butter you when you win traffic GPs. And you find the answer to your question within yourself. It was always there and we look into others. And the answer is never complicated. It is always in your face but your face is somewhere else to notice. Isn’t it what we always wanted, someone or something to listen to us? A bike ride an experience in itself and a helmet just makes it better for me.

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