Before going to a marriage..

last week, we went to a reception.. 8 of us frens..planned to enjoy to the was nearly 50kms from our we started right away from coll..we had to take a train to thiruthani n a bus from thr to the hall..we went to the station to find out that the train was due only on 0630 n eve..we were thr at we took another train to arakonam,which was almost to thr..( the times i went to arakonam b4 were on my way to a distant place.,arakonam s the first big junction from chennai..)..few small gals were beggin in the train..they were pullin the dresses of ppl..n irritating them..the thought of their parents irritated me..the journey was thru a lot of villages, we passed thru 2 of it was a maritime institute..wonder y they built it in the middle of no man’s land :-o..anyways the train was a lot crowded n the whole crowd got down at exactly the place whr we were to get down.. :-(..
we got down to walk our way to station..i saw a cute gal out thr..(it was like, seein water in the middle of the desert,even if its a mirage)..tis gal was real..she got into a bus n wen i heard it was de one we need to board in, i got in happily.. 😉 one of our fren knew the place really helped us out.. i got to stand rt behind the gal.. 😉 heavy crowd tooo.. 🙁 two of our frens were not we texted em askin whr they of em called..actually from the front part of the bus..we chat for next few..wat the heck..he only called n his balance..! we were the only ones makin all the noise n the bus..then got down at the stop,the bus went on n so did the gal….. thr were two marriage halls side by we called to ask which one was fren called the groom s bro..suddenly his expression changed nd handed me the phone..i couldn’t stop laughin on wat i heard..the thing is, the reception was the day b4 marriage..we tot it was the same day nd had gone.. the marriage party was back to their house.. 🙁 we were 50kms frm our place..tired nd hungry nd now tis.. we all gave an angry look to the one who had read the invitation in the first place..i still wasnt able to control my was 8 thr nd we were a 2 hour journey from homemade food..we bought some ground nuts from a street vendor nd walked towards bus stop..came back to the station..ya, no gals in the return in bus…. thank god,a train was halted thr due to a signal for some half hour.. we got in.. got the whole compartment for us as none was around..was laughin at ouselves nd enjoyin the journey..wat else can we do..finally,came home wit 2 of my frens at the sweet smell of food..ate wit no comments from us but my dad was laughin at our story.. 🙁 tis ain’t the end.. we had coll next day.. got up late nd rushed to coll to reach the 0830 coll exactky at 0910..had no probs goin in nd i slept most of the hours..tats usual but it was more on tat day.. 😉
so, for all of U goin to a marriage, read the invitation ppl..if U want, even write nd see it once.. 😉

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