forward messages.. mobile spam!!


forward messages..

hmmm..if u dont know wat is a forward message,either u dont own a mobile or u hav isolated urself from any form of communication from this world..

a forward message is the one which annoys u wen u r waiting for some important message in ur mobile.. most of the time it’ll be the one which reminds wat is ur message alert tone..

 for all of u who send forward messages i have one question.. wats the point in sendin somethin that

u dont even know if the recipient likes or not??

 ah.. nd there is one more thing bout forward messages.. i got one sayin today is 


after few days i get the same from another number.. wats this.. U guys consider urselves the world eh???

i dunno.. 

 the main reason for some1 to send a forward message is to catch the attention of the

recipient..rt? i too thought the same nd repiled for a forward message from a guy..

YEAH, A GUY ONLY.. HONEST!nd i’m still waiting for the reply for the message i sent him weeks back..

but i still get forwards from him,guess he is still continuing his work of sending forwards to everyone in his contacts..nd ya.. i never again replied for any of his forwards.. if u wanna catch someone s attention, send em a mess wit wat u feel bout em.. or get a gift or somethin they like.. still if U dont get a positive reaction from em.. get a life man.. move on!

 if its my attention u need..send a hi to me..i promise u i’ll reply u till u reply back..;-)

there are few messages with a long blank space in between two sentences.. it s for u to think 

wat’ll be the next sentence..[if ppl start thinkin like this about wats coming next in everything.. we

would’ve become a super power long back..ya nd also we would’ve got a good government and jus 2

 political parties..(not partys..;-))..] nd the ending of tat message will probably be somethin that gives u

 a strong feeling to kill the one who sent u tat..not to mention the messages sent by ur service provider.. drives me nuts..

this case has started even in orkut.. we get lotta scraps jus forwarded between one another..bout the new stuff in orkut.. man,how much do they get for advertising for them in their own website??

if u don know understand wat this whole thing is about and if u hadn’t experienced it before then u must be really lucky.. don worry.. next time wen u buy a sim card, u get whole lotta forwards waiting for u in the coming days.. so watch out for it..

anyways i gotta finish tis off.. got many forwards while typing this one nd hav to reply :-(.. so, ll catch up wit u all pretty soon.. adios!

anyone who is having internet connection nd dunno what to do..start a community aginst forward messages in orkut.. i’d love to join one..;-)



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