Speech – The thoughts which arise in the brain and put to words by a bunch of neurons which is converted into sound waves through the mouth and is sent out.

Conversation –  A form of two way communication. When one person speaks, their thoughts are put into words. Their thoughts are their personal ideas and opinions from their own experiences which are relevant or irrelevant to the situation prevalent. The receiver of the message is passive if they chose to only listen or active if they say their opinion on the matter.

Insult – A derogatory term where the person is compared to some lower level activity or being which is generally accepted by the society.

Subject – In a conversation, the subject can be the people themselves or a third party. Anything which refers the other has the word ‘you’ in it and anything which refers the third party generally has they or it or the name in the speech.

I think I can’t put it any more simpler when I say anything that comes out of my mouth is my own personal opinion and I’m entitled to it.

When I speak of someone in a not so pleasant way, I’m responsible for my words and I will accept any backlash from THAT person only.

When I mention my dislike about something, it means I DISLIKE THAT. It no way implies that I like the exact opposite of it.

How hard is all of this to understand?

I can understand the whole fanboyism and getting obsessed over something but getting to a point where any word against the thing you love is taken as a personal insult is beyond me. Either you are an immature jerk or a dumbass who cannot look through the conversation to see what was really meant. (btw, this is a personal insult, see the mention of the word ‘YOU’?)

Understanding the fact that every word that comes out of someone’s mouth has ‘in their opinion’ implied to it and realising most of the times, words are meant to be taken literally can make life so much easier.

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