India has launched his much awaited unmanned mission to moon..this is a gr8 feel to all our country men wen our national flag is set on the moon..this is to show the world that we are on the way to become the super power in the world..this ll facilitate our scientists to do their research on the samples taken from moon soil nd analyse any possibility of building a potential pit stop thr if we earthians hav any plan in the future to go nd stay at the mars.. 😉 who knows we may even hav a fuelling stop to fill our spaceships nd even a McDonalds or Dominos moon branch to fill our stomachs..well enuf wit the fiction( this is fiction for tday..can be the fact of tomorrow..lets not worry bout tommorow for now),’m wonderin bout one singe fact right now..bout where ll the spaceships we send tday land on moon??surely one wouldn’t land on some1 s head but it may land on some1 s property..rt? 🙁 ‘m talkin bout lunar real estates(real??)well yeah..they sell real land on moon to the people living on, wat if the spacecrafts land on some of their property..’ll they ask any parking fee or do the govts need to buy land for their parking..lunar land owners watch out..this is somethin U can make money out of..after all, U cant possibly do anythin else with tat land now nd surely for a few more years..Ha..ppl r deprived of home on earth nd even live in cars in few places but still ll hav acres of land on moon for nothin..long term investments it seems..crazy world.. 😉

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