Is engineering all about theory??

Last week, a deserted road,i was on my cycle towards home..suddenly 2 stray dogs
started chasing me( ya..dogs, not mafia 😉 ..) all of a sudden the chain in my cycle
broke loose nd i was slowing.. 🙁 ..thankfully de dogs stopped.. 🙂 but i was stranded wit no
cycle repair shops around..i tried for some 10 mins..didn get it i called my friend
( who happens to be a mechanical engineer..halfway i.e).
he came well equipped wit a screw driver,nd tried for some more time.. no use..
then a nearby grocery shop keeper called us nd asked wats de prob..i said tis..
he took a smaller tool nd n few secs..HE DID IT.. an anna univ 3rd year student
s not able to do a small job that a grocery shop keeper did..
so wat has the education did to us? we study about large turbines,machines nd stuff
but cant fix a cycle chain.. 🙁 how many of us know the operation of the basic
stuff we use evry day like a cycle,fm radio,etc..?? we dont need to master it
but atleast we need to know the basics na..
if this situation goes this way.. i m expectin a correspondence course for engg,
like we jus need to attend practical classes in some centres..

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