Yup..i am a ferrari fan who loves to see the scarlet car end up on the top in every single race..but this season wasn’t like i expected..but pretty much most of the big guys won atleast once..this season has seen lotta winners,which was never possible in the era of,he is one true legend..( personally, i didn like him sayin that lewis is incredible..well,ppl make mistakes 😉 )..its not just a one man race or a two horse showdown anymore..kimi, massa, lewis, alonso, kubica nd now vettel..every1 of em had showed that they can win nd more are yet to come..i need to mention bout kovaleinen here..wat happened to tat guy nd his,every time lewis gets a finish..but kov gets his car into trouble or is it the car tat got him into trouble?? i myself prayed a few times tat the silver car shud stop did,but it was heikki 🙁  wats the use..but tat is the one which got us theconstructors title for the was kinda consolation, but wasn’t theirbest at the pits this season but i’m sure they ll work it out next season..they have,after watchin this season’s performance..wat can we expect next at the season enderin say frankly, i dunno.. but i want kimi to win the title next season..there is jus very few things between him nd the championship..a silver of the title holder lewis,the scarlet of the shaped up massa,alonso ready to hit back with his renault,also the bmw s ndthe new kid on the, its gonna be one hell of a season next time..waitin for tat..

my hopes for the next season :

1. lewis learns some good driving wen he is behind someone.
2. no more troublesome pit stops in the scarlet camp.
3. commentators who don talk bout one single guy nd sing praises for him..
4. some sense into my cable operator s head who blocks the channel at times of a fabulous
race.. 😉

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