ppl s friend..

U surely would ve seen this atleast once in ur life in chennai..(dunno bout other places cuz i ve never been to )
this was a pic taken by a fren of mine..(studyin engg too..) ! we cant do anythin bout this situation or can we?
is there a shortage of salary for these guys or wat?
guess on average they get 50 or 100 bucks.. even if they get 2 or 3 bikers a day,they ll get 9000 per
month 😮 + their salary..nd this is jus the case wit bikes..
wat bout truks,cars nd other heavy vehicles…the amount increases, never ll decrease.. if its a heavy traffic area,
then tat guy ll be makin thousands outta this.. ha! thats living nd this is hard earned money for them..
this is the dept which has never gone on a strike for a raise in salary..HA! big deal, when they get this
much outta ones  job..who ll need anythin extra??

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