RAINY DAYS…!in Chennai?!

here comes the rain, just in time for my exams as usual..its not like i hate rain..but itsjust tat cold i hate during exams..man, the greatest feeling this season is to be wrappedinside the blanket nd put that alarm i set to study early in the mornin to snooze..every 6min..( cuz 6 s kinda like my fav no nd i set snooze to tat..)..heaven it is..except on the d-day for exams.. 🙁  ..how would U expect one to get up at 5 or b4 tis time of the year to study or for any work,too diffcult unless the work is really important..nd ya i totally 4got..nowthe weather man is the most talked bout celebrity nd gets the maximum no of interviews even more than the stars of the silver screen..the only happy news is the govt controls the rain wenever the situation has gets worse..how..by announcing public holiday to all schools nd collegs 😉 ..believe me its works damn well..i’ve seen lot of govts here nd the one thing strikingly common to all of em is this (ya..i left out corruption nd stuff..lets 4get tat for a sec, after all candle doesn’t burn until some1 lits it up.. ) dunno how but it surely works..nd the next day it starts again.hmmm god wants us to enjoy the holidays we get cuz of him.. 😉 all praise to the almighty..

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