Semmozhiyam Tamizh!!

This is not something i wanted to write but i couldn’t avoid.. the world ‘classical’ Tamil conference is just around the corner and i think it was the right time to speak bout this.. everything is going online these days including our hard disks in the name of cloud computing..but what is the state of ‘Tamil’ online?? i’m not an avid reader of Tamil literature, i don wanna comment or point out someone for this problem but since i couldn’t do anything bout it, why not tell it to the world where at least someone could do something bout this.. ah, come on! get to the matter!! right?? open or whichever opens, select the language as tamil in the type the alphabets one by one in normal keyboard and see what google gives as search suggestions!! ( my friend told this to me as a joke, i laughed and thought he was just kidding until i saw that myself..not the sites, just the google page 😉 ) now can u understand what i’m getting to?? if someone outside tamlnadu or someone who is new to tamil see this, what ll be the first thing they’ll think..isn’t there anything other than porn in tamil?? sorry ‘classical’ tamil right?? this is the state of tamil in google search ( doesn’t google show everything in the internet? )  maybe it isn’t anyone’s fault but that doesn’t mean this is right! i came across a site sayin there are millions of sites in tamil but none of them come up in the search suggestion..its time somebody do something bout this except maybe throwing stones at the google headquarters 😉 ..with the tamil world conference coming up, tamil ll be searched by most people..hope they don’t search it in tamil!! mella tamil ini saagama irunda seri!!

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    1. i’m sorry, i dunno how to help u sir..but u can post in a blog of urs so that the world ll get to know that!

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