surviving anna university

yeah.. college started..all late sleeps n cricket evenings are over..its tat time i get
these doubts since the first day of college..
first thing is bout using mobiles in college..YEAH! MOBILES ARE BANNED..:-(
i dont get it.. ppl r talkin bout wifi campuses nd net access from anywhere in college
with a laptop, but students are not allowed the basic communicating device..
do they think it’ll distract us from studies?? i suggest u make the classes nd the
subjects more interestin.. lectures shud create interst in the topic..if still a
student is using mobile..seriously, U expect em to listen if there is no mobile?
if ya, then U must have wildest decision making sense when it comes to ppl..
the next thing is bout jeans… ah! come on guys, its just another type of clothing..rt?
wat is the problem in wearin it.. ppl say its not a formal dress for a professional
student..heyy..professionalism shud be in the mind.. if we are allowed jeans in college..
think we wear it to interviews too?? U gotta be kidding then.. we guys hav much more
common sense to know what to wear to places.. nd if its design U are bothered bout..
i cant help it..anyways mnc s allow informal wear..we get to wear it there where
we are workin as y not in colleges?? dont ban jeans on the whole..just ban jeans
with holes..
those who readin this..say wat U support guys..nd y?

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