u ll love it..

wat do u do wen u go in a bus or a car?? probably chat wit ur neighbour or listen to some music..rt?
i ll suggest u one thing..try looking at the faces u pass by.. u ll just love it..
the first time i tried tis was on my trip to my coll from home once.. sat in the corner seat nd started watchin outside..
how many faces, how many reactionz..some faces resemble ppl u know,some resemble celebs nd some r totally new tat u ve
never seen b4..but some u ll never forget some in ur life for a really long time??
if its a long journey,then U r in for a treat.. U don hav to know the ppl..but their faces say U a lot..
some excited, some tensed, some worried nd  few tat ll even make U smile.. the fun part of it s wen they see U noticing em.. 😉
i still dunno how.. but everytime wen i see or wen i m being watched, i feel something inside tat says me i m bein watched..
its may be basic instinct..but its a gr8 feel.. the face says U everythin about the persons mood even if they r not in a mood to speak..
the eyes says it all.. so the next time wen U r in a bus, try tis n u ll love it..

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