We can be heroes, Just for one day!

I’ve seen loads of movies and the protagonist or the male lead ( I thought of it and I couldn’t get my mind around calling a guy who is unemployed at late 20’s, living off his parents’ money whose only job is to roam around in bikes, get drunk and woo the girl and eventually marry her, as a “hero”, he’s just a male lead IMO ) is shown to do some amazing things in the span of three hours maximum. Super heroes aside, normal guys are shown doing some amazing things. Its always a normal next door guy character who does it mostly, I wonder if he can do it, why cant I? It got me thinking, which essentially means, in the last few days, all the times I blacked out from a on going conversation with anyone, I was thinking of this and yes, I found out the reason. Background music!

I mean, think about it. It makes perfect sense. Imagine you get a BGM in your head everytime you wanted to do something good. You get a romantic song when you see someone attractive, you get a inspirational music in your head when you are set to do something, a song or a bit of music that knows what you are going to do and multiplies the feeling, you ‘ll do it just for the heck of it. A whole stadium shouting your name when you are on the field, now you see what a home advantage is for a match, why Sachin plays well on the field, BGM, in this case, the sound of the crowd ( yeah, talent is there but you need a push right? )

If you’ve noticed properly, BGM is more of a cue to what you have to do next. Imagine, how easy it would be that when you see something and turn and a music plays on the back of your head telling you what is expected ( heroic/romantic/runaway/smile ). How easy the decision making will be and ..and..the feel good factor when you hear a music when you achieved something. Feels like heaven, isn’t it? Andy Dufresne once said we all have music in our heart and we don’t need a music player. He had one thing in mind in Shawshank and all he needed was one single piece of music to push him. In real life, I have to face too many situations and I have too many different kinds of music in my head, by the time I choose what I want to play in my head, the feeling would have crossed the border. Oh, evolution, why didn’t you get this thing wired into humans?

Ps. I was listening to the abridged version of “The Thieving Magpie from The Clockwork Orange soundtrack” in loop while writing this. A feel good factor when the music peaked when I finished typing.

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